NARS Purple Rain is here!

Received an sms from Lara (NARS Shangri-la) a few minutes ago informing me that the NARS 2010 Spring collection is now available.

I am most excited with the NARS Purple Rain nail polish though. As early as January, I already asked Lara  to reserve one for me! Purple polish lovers like me can't resist something as beautiful as this! See for yourself!

photo grabbed from

I'm quite interested with the new e/s duo too, Kuala Lumpur. I'm just not sure about it's pigmentation. We all know how NARS eyeshadows are, some are ok, most of them not. As much as I want to try it first before buying, I was told that there are no testers available yet, boo!

Btw, at NARS Shangri-la, there are only 5 Purple Rain polishes available and 5 Kuala Lumpur e/s duos. I already reserved 3 of the polishes, sorry, haha. One for me, one for an officemate and the 3rd one is for an online friend.

Also, Lara informed me that NARS will be holding another workshop on April 26, Monday, 3pm. Mark your calendar and see you there! 


Askmewhats said...

oh wow, this is a deep gorgeous purple, difficult to find dupes! Ganda!

CHARRY said...

wow! thanks for the heads up! :)


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