New polishes + Updated stash!

OPI Do You Lilac Me?, NARS Schiap, NARS Purple Rain,
2 Poshe Top Coats

Got OPI and Poshe from, NARS Schiap from Rustan's Makati (didn't know that Lara of NARS Shang still has 3 bottles on stock) and NARS Purple Rain from NARS Shang. I was actually looking for a swatch of NARS Schiap lipstick to show to a friend coz I'm telling her that it will look good on her. While searching, I chanced upon a swatch of NARS Schiap THE NAIL POLISH and I was like, "wow! I didn't know they used to have that in their 2008 Collections!"

I'm not a lipstick girl, but I find Schiap lipstick nice. So, I told myself, if I can't wear the lipstick, might as well get the polish counterpart weee!!!.

When I bought NARS Purple Rain, I dropped by at the Chanel counter to check out Chanel Particuliere, another hit polish by Chanel. UnFortunately, they already run out of stock so I just swatched it and find that it doesn't look good on me, yey! (that's my wallet talking LOL).

NARS Schiap, Chanel Particuliere, NARS Purple Rain
OPI Do You Lilac Me?
Excuse the dry cuticles, they have their dose of acetone/polish remover (yep, even a non-acetone remover can dry my cuticles!) last week so I rested them for a while, I'm polish-free for 5 days now! Anyway, see how Chanel Particuliere is not working for me? I believe this polish will look best for those fair skinned gals! And would you believe I went to the office for two days with these polishes on haha.

As of writing time, I'm waiting for some polishes from the mail (9 maybe?) and I think I'm gonna stop buying for a while. You'll know why later. This recent polishes excluded, I think I already have 70+ bottles of polishes! That's after giving away some of my local polishes to friends and my provinced-based manicurista.

Here's my semi-updated stash (pics taken before I received the above polishes):

my stash
China Glaze
Expensive ones (although i got all of them cheap!!!)
Local polishes

Nail treatments, etc.

And see below how many polishes I've yet to used!

Crazy right?!!! That's why I said I should stop buying polishes FOR NOW. Char!


nikkiz. said...

Ang dami! Mas madami na ang polishes mo sa akin...i need to get more baskets from Daiso too.

lelila said...

nikki, parang mushroom lang na nagsulputan noh haha!

shoutingwind said...

chuma char ka pa jan! LOL

Daiso lang ba yung baskets mo? hmm.. makabili nga din. Kasi IKEA pa ako bumibili (pa - sushal! LOL)

anong plano mo dun sa iba? benta na yan! LOL.

lelila said...

wala pa ako balak ibenta, itry ko muna noh haha.

oo, sa saizen/daiso lang yung mga tray ko, 88 petots haha

~tHiAmErE~ said...

nice collection

you ought to try The Face Shop polish remover because it's a great remover. it won't dry your nails.

Crystal said...

hinay hinay ka sis! andami mong NPs! haha.

lovelyviolet5 said...

Love your collection!!!Soo big and gorgeous!!!

lelila said...

thiamere, sige sis, try ko sya next time. yan yung amoy strawberry right haha

crystal, konti pa yan compared to some addicts hehe

violet, thanks dear!

SOFiA! said...

Can you do a review on Seche Vite Topcoat?--- and kung magkano siya. Baka mag pabili kasi ako eh, naaasar na kase ako lagi na lang may air bubbles yung nails ko. XD
Thanks! :))

coffretgorge said...

interesting collection! thanks for the info re: chanel particuliere. you saved me a trip to rustans! :D

ps. have you seen the MAC spring colour forecast polishes? what do you think? ;)

lelila said...

sofia, will try. although between poshe and seche, i'll go with the latter.

coffretgorge, they'll restock next month =)

yeah, saw them, nothing caught my fancy, maybe because i'm more excited about the blush ombres hehe.

although check out the upcoming Riveting collex i think, they have nice matte polishes, particularly the brown one - Wham, Bam, Glam =)

oOchaOo said...

huwaw! love the polish collection sis. wag sana akong tamaan ng love para sa nail polishes hehehe, iiyak na wallet ^___^

CHARRY said...

Wow! that's a lot! By the way i love your new nail polishes. They're very colorful! love them :)

lelila said...

cha, go!!! start with local din muna like me, mas magaan sa bulsa haha.

charry, masyado ngang makulay choices ko ngayon haha

ThRiSzHa said...

nice.. where did u purchase most of ur BRANDED POLISH?? I love nail polish too and love the nail art!!
visit my nail art blog:

ThRiSzHa said...

sis,, effective ba tlga ung sally hansen cuticle remover na yan?? may nakita akong ganyan sa SM kaso nasa 450 hahaaha kaya pinag iisipan ko kung bibilin ko ba or hindi..LOL
yan hinahunting namin ni shoutingwind sa nung UAE pa ko kaso wala kaming mahanap LOL

lelila said...

ThRiSzHa, ok naman din yung sally hansen, no choice kase eh. what i really want to try now is the NFU Oh Cuticle remover, hirap maghanap and if there's one, super expensive ng shipping!

ThRiSzHa said...

ohh.. i heard about NFU Oh Cuticle remover oks nga daw un.. how much ba shipping and how much the NFU Oh Cuticle remover? maybe we can combine our items & share for the shipping..

lelila said...

kalorkey ang shipping, i tried to cart 1, P300+ ang isa, pero ang shipping P1,000+

tinry ko rin 4bottles same lang, ano game?


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