Sale Alert: Another one from L'oreal

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Brands included:

Shu Uemura
L'oreal Paris


The NeuroChiq said...

I used to work in that building, huhu. Too bad I can't join the craze now! =(

lelila said...

it's near my workplace, but I might not go to the sale, my wallet says so lol

Bec said...

Open to all sis?

lelila said...

bec, normally morning ng 1st day exclusive to family and friends, pero ngayon walang sinabi so most likely lahat na

maki said...

wow thanks for the info! have you been to the past sales? how much ang markdown?
shu fonda and cleansing oils lang type ko
and maybrlline lippies..

lelila said...

maki, i've been there once, pero mostly loreal and maybelline lang nung sale na yun.

i doubt though if magbenta sila ng shu cleansing oil.

dapat maaga din dun, dami tao nun lunchbreak ako nagpunta. saka 2nd day na so mostly napagpilian na lang eh

Crystal said...

omg i want to go! sana nga open sa lahat! kaya lang late pa ako makakapunta huhu :(

lelila said...

crystal, if late ka na makakapunta, try mo sa first day. pag 2nd day, mga napagpilian na eh.

mga mascara ng maybelline nagiging 100 each (yung mga tag 500), loreal uv sunblock, from 800 a set (face and body), 200 na lang

mura talaga!


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