Unposted loots! [Picture-heavy post]

Wasn't able to post these loots on time, so here it goes:

Oh wait, this isn't bragging or anything. I just love to read haul posts and watch haul videos in youtube, so I'm doing mine too, just in case there's someone like me who wants this type of post. If in any case you get offended by this kind of thing, please do us both a favor and close your browser, and by that, I hope things are all clear.

Okay, game? Haha

Got my reserved items from MAC's Spring Collex - 3 blush ombre and 1 lipstick (Laugh a lot), which I thought will remain unused but surprise surprise, I'm using it everyday and my lips are ok, there's the occasional dryness but it's nothing a lip balm won't solve.

I also got 2 NARS Purple Rain from Shang, one for my officemate and the other one is of course mine. Been a while since I bought from NARS, but Lara remained generous to me. I got sample sizes (2 of each) of their primer, aqua gel something and brightening serums plus a pouch. Yey!

Also got myself Cabo Coral pot rouge on impulse =)

image from their website

That's NARS Schiap that was bought from Rustan's Makati by Chel (thanks! muah!), "Cute" Flops from Melissa Shoes (they offer free shipping nationwide) and Too Faced Shadow Insurance I got from Cha, a fellow blogger and forumer at www.myteamcake.net!

The flops is one size bigger, ended up giving it to my mom, who, by the way is as frustrated as I am for not getting a pair of Crocs from the sale haha.

It was my first time to order from Melissa and it's one hassle-free transaction with them. I just hope they restock some of their old items and also, I hope they'll accept Gcash payments in the future =)

A pair of jeans, a cardigan (can't find it in the website anymore, although it's similar to the one below), a necklace - all from forever21.com while the Longchamp Medium LH Eiffel in Black is from Nordstrom.com

These are their website images, I'm not a good photographer, sad to say!

And the Eiffel bag:

I ordered the bag from Nordstrom.com thru an online shopper. I paid a li'l higher for this because of tax and shipping, whereas if I ordered from Magnums.net, I'll be charged for the cost of the bag only, and they always have a sale (15-25% off). Unfortunately, I didn't know at first that they'll offer the Eiffel design and when they did, they only have the blue one, no black.

The next one is an unplanned purchase! I just bumped into someone here at the office who's using the same bag and it gave me sleepless nights! I tried to look online but most of the stocks are already sold out, there's one selling it but way overpriced! Good thing that Smile has a schedule trip to HK last week and she was able to snag one for me!

Another Longchamp bag, the LM Nylon LH Medium in Black! I just love the design! Already have 3 LC bags, these 2 and my first LC bag, a large LH one in red. Waiting for another one next month, and that's it! Cross my heart, errr my fingers haha!

And last ones from the mail yesterday:

6 of the 9 polishes I'm waiting for arrived yesterday, 4 of which are just mini bottles. That's Zoya Vanessa and Ibiza on the side.

Bought from a forum a MAC TLC in Popster but the shade doesn't suit me so I included it on my blog sale.

Been using the Eiffel bag for 4 days now and it doesn't look good without a base shaper. I initially thought of getting one but decided to go for a bag organizer instead.

And that's it!

Although, honestly, I still have a few unposted loots from last month, but seeing everything on this post makes me want to cringe. I'm such a [hopeless] shopaholic! No wonder I don't have much savings =(

Please don't be like me!


PS. click pictures to enlarge =)


nikkiz. said...

Post lang ng post. I love haul posts! I'm a shopaholic too that's why I'm broke right now...P100 na lang laman ng wallet ko, LOL!

Kitten said...

Im soooo jealous! You're so lucky!

Hybrid Cha said...

It's okay that you post those stuff Sol! I personally love pictures of purchases, planned or not. Enjoying your blog, BTW! xxx

Askmewhats said...

hahahaha I do want to be like you but I have control kasi, kaya nakakainis! hahaha love your hauls! Sayang I've been wanting to try the HK Popster, but found out too late! it's sold out na :)

Shen said...

don't worry sooner or later you'll find the discipline in shopping. i did already. :) hehehe!

louise said...

i want to be like you! :P

Nina said...

Wow, mega haul!!! I'm glad the polishes arrived safely, thanks again! :)

Kay said...

love ur haul posts.. also gives me an idea where and how i can get something ive been lemming.. parang window shopping.. haha :)

keep it up.. dami mo ng LC :)

Malditang Doktora said...

bading inggit ako!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CHARRY said...

wow, ikaw siguro yung nakaubos ng blush ombre. They're all sold out na kasi. hahaha

lelila said...

nikki, aww, mas mabilis si buyer, nagtext and pay agad haha.

shen, i hope it's sooner, yan din lagi sabi ni jheng sa akin. although sa inyo ok lang kase you get some loots for free by attending some events haha.

lelila said...

louise, DONT!!!!!!!!! hahaha.

nina, yep, super thanks for the polish! i love mint candy apple and vanessa so far =)

kay, i miss your haul posts din. inggit ako with your US loots before! miss your posts! sana lagi ka magupdate haha.

lelila said...


andami mo din kayang loots! btw, did you delete your blog? can't access it yesterday eh


that's not true ha! haha. although i'll admit, ako ang bwena mano sa mga testers haha.

Crystal said...

andami!!!! kainggit.

iamsutil said...

adik! adik!

AiDiSan said...


If I have those stuff, I will surely blog about it not to brag but just share like what you did. I enjoy reading your updates, i'm getting updated about make up & cosmetics and Im loving it!!!


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