Bad news for polish addicts!!!

just read from some blogs that transdesign no longer ships internationally using a flat rate box.

check details here and here


Online Shopping is my favorite past time!

As costly as it is, I really find online shopping as the best way to de-stress. I forget all my worries and all whenever I get informed that a package is waiting for me.

I started shopping online, I think around 2003 or 2004? What I usually buy that time? Pirated cd's of US TV Series I'm very fond of (Smallville, Alias, etc.), later on, Koreanovelas, Full House hello! LOL.

I don't have a fast internet connection back then so I resort to buying them online. Aside from these cd's, I usually buy my office bags and wallets from the net (, just because I usually find unique bags in ebay. Most of the peeps in our province (Cavite) usually buy from Marithe Francois Girbaud that it's not impossible to bump with someone using the same bag as yours (I soooo hate that haha).

Come 2005, I fell in love with Korean accessories, went gaga buying them, only to be dissapointed that they easily tarnish. Oh well, what do I expect with a P350-worth pair of earrings!

I posted before in my multiply account some of the purchases I made online, I just stopped posting but I never stop from buying online. If you want to take a peek, check them out here.

Where I usually buy?

In 2008, when I started working here in the metro, I also started buying stuff from international sites ( - mostly makeups and nail polishes.

All in all, I love shopping. Where else can you buy a 1k worth of Ninewest wallet? Kenneth Cole bags? Even if there's no Sephora in here, I can get any items from them thru some online shopper in multiply. There are lots of online selling sites waiting to be discovered. In my 6 years of buying online, I've had my share of bogus sellers. Twice or thrice. Not bad, right?

Anyway, I'm so glad that the number of peeps who joined this week's carnival increased, yey!

Let's check them out!

Cha haven't tried online shopping but I'm impressed that she took time to learn what one needs to know when buying onlineMindy, on the other hand, already took a dip at online shopping, although she's yet to try multiply shopping but I bet it wouldn't take long before she does.

Yen's take on this whole shebang? May I just quote her? "If doing any chore means you never have to leave your comfortable seat then it's a freakin' good deal." - so true!!!

Mara raved about one particular online seller! which she now used as a benchmark of how an online seller should be! Shoutingwind retells her online shopping horror story, yikes! I felt bad for her. 

Laarni on the other hand, loves shopping in general. Online shopping is not an exemption!  Last but definitely not the least, Mclaren scored some fab items from her online shopping! I sooo love her south sea pearls! 

Whew! That concludes our Carnival Week 3! Hope to see your next post on this week's topic: These Imperfections Make Me Beautiful to be hosted by MaraPlease submit your entries on or before May 2! Posting date is on May 3! Hope to double the number of the posts on Week 4!

New items

Essence of Beauty Crease Brush duo
Loew Cornell 3/8 Maxine Mop Brushes
Duo Eyelash Adhesive in Dark
L'oreal Lineur Intense in Carbon Black

check them out here

Make one cup matter (Starbucks)

click pic to enlarge

NOTD: China Glaze Blue Sparrow

Skipped lunch today and headed to Nail Spa Lounge at Megamall Atrium (Level 5, besides Belo's clinic). It wasn't my first time in the salon as I've had a footspa there a month ago. The footspa is ok, nothing special though. I came back because I saw how huge their polish selection is. They have OPI, China Glaze and Orly and when I scan the bottles, I think they try to get all the colors per collection of the 3 brands. Unfortunately, they don't have the recent collections yet (OPI Hongkong, Orly's Sweet Collection and china glaze pool something.

I chose China Glaze Blue Sparrow then, I just think it's so pretty in the bottle and I can't remember seeing any swatch of it online.

CG Blue Sparrow is from China Glaze's 2008 INK Summer collection. It's a royal blue jelly polish with lots of light blue glitters on it. The glitters give it a grainy finish and I had to add another layer of topcoat just to make it really shiny/sparkly (errrr). The finish reminds me of CG Carribean Blue, only this one is dark! This is really a nice shade and I don't know why I haven't heard of it before!

Please dont mind the bobbi brown palette I'm holding. I dont have the polish bottle and I want something to hold on to while taking pics LOL!

I like how the nail tech shaped my nails and how clean her application is.
The topcoat mess is my fault =)

Got a li'l dissapointed with Poshe Topcoat. I brought it to the salon co'z I know they don't have a fast dry top coat. Unfortunately, Poshe is not as fast drying as my Seche Vite  =(

On my way back to the office, I passed by at McDo and ordered for takeout a Big Mac Meal. I don't know if I'll get amused or what when the staff taking my order gave me a weird look when I asked to remove the lettuce and pickles on my Big Mac Burger. LOL!


Pink Overload: NARS Schiap

Don't you just love pink? Sorry for straining your eyes. Pink banner, pink url/link, pink polish, etc! 

It isn't too obvious I love pink, right?

I didn't know then that NARS released a polish version of the ever famous NARS Schiap. I just found out about it when I was looking for swatches of NARS Schiap Lipstick and I was surprised to see various swatches of NARS Schiap THE POLISH! A friend told me there's one at NARS Makati so I asked her to buy one for me. I didn't know Lara still has some stocks at NARS Shangri-la, my bad!

When I got it from the mail, as prepared as I am from the swatches I saw online, I still got 'frightened' seeing the polish in real life. It really is HOT!

I hesitated a bit if I could pull it off! Haha. 

After a month, here it is on me:


excerpt from Francois Nars' interview here

Carnival Week 3: Your take on online shopping

Happy Monday everyone! I'm sleepy here at work. I need a diversion! I want popcorn!!! LOL!

Anyway, have you guys seen this week's carnival? Shoutingwind of Upclose & Personal hosted the 2nd week's topic: All about Nail Care (what are your do's and don'ts, basic nail care rituals and tools, share it with us!), check out the entries here!

For the Team Carnival's 3rd week run, I will be the host yey!

Topic: What's your take about online shopping? Hate it? Love it? Tips and tricks?

Use the Submit Entry page to advise Team Carnival when the post is up, deadline of submission is on April 25.

On April 26, as host, I will be posting a summary of all the entries here on my blog. I'm excited and looking forward to all your post girls!

Please help me be a successful hostess LOL! If you have questions about the mechanics of Team Carnival, comment here or on my cbox and I will try to answer your queries!

Quick Facts/Tips:

* Please follow the topic for the week. Do not post a topic that's meant for next week hehe. You can check the list of topics here.
* Post your entry anytime within the week, let's say for this week, you can post anytime between April 19 to April 25, just make sure to notify Team Carnival whenever your post is up, use the link above.
* It isn't enough that you follow Team Carnival, we encourage you to join every week by posting an entry to your blog! Remember, Team Carnival has 32 followers, we expect at least 30 entries a week! *Dreaming hehe*

Thank you!

PS. You can check for a list of Carnival Topics over here. There's no host yet for the 4th week, if you would like to volunteer, please contact the Team Carnival via email.

Nail talk!

As some of you may all know by now, I have this big thing with nail polishes. What most of you don't know is that I used to not follow any nail care 'rituals'. Yeah, bad. I cut my nails whenever it gets broken while doing the laundry, or any time of the week that I just feel like it. I used acetone to remove my polishes. I don't rest my nails, it always must have a polish. And the list could go on and on and on.

But when I got exposed to a lot of blogs that focus on nails and nail polishes, I realized how careless I've been. I tried to adopt their good practices one by one.

1st: Glass file

I've never heard of glass file until late part of last year. I've always used an emery board from the start then a metal file later on. Discovering glass nail file is divine! The result is much much better and it's more economic as it's washable and will last you a long time since glass nail files will never become worn down unlike emery boards which is fast to lose it's rough surface.

Unlike steel nail file which causes the nail to chip or crack because it's too rough on the nails, glass files, on the contrary, helps reduce the amount of chipping, splitting, and peeling when used on a regular basis. One major disadvantage, it easily cracks so it needs a TLC hehe.

2nd: Cuticle Cream

I've always had dry cuticles. Maybe because of too much changing of nail polish. And don't forget our climate, hay! I used to put cuticle oil on my cuticles (Creative Solar Oil), but I find cuticle oil too messy, I often leave marks on my keyboard and sometimes on my stuff. I've read from various nail blogs that they like Burt's Bees Cuticle Balm. I got mine from Beauty Bar for P400 I think. Then I got one as a freebie from an online purchase (lucky me!). Constant use of this balm made a significant change in my cuticles, it softened and I seldom get hang nails. No chaffing, no crack. Again, this one will last me a long time. It actually reminds me of a petroleum jelly, only in a hard wax texture, a bit greasy but manageable than the cuticle oil.  I love the tin can slim packaging, I can easily insert in my bag! Smell is ok too, unlike the tester of Lush Lemony Flutter that I smelled in Lush Shangrila although I was told it's old hence the smell. Anyway, love this BB stuff!

3rd: Nail Buffer

Got mine from Watson's for less than a 100 bucks. It's said to be a  4 step buffer that adds natural shine to the nails although when I got mine, all 4 sides are the same, but doesn't matter. I still use it to buff my nails if I want to make it a li'l shiny on days I let my nails rest. 

Please take note that nail file (emery, steel or even the glass one) should not be used to buff the surface of the nails. They are meant only to shape them from the side. And file in one direction. Yes, this is misplaced. Should have said it at number 1 hehe 

A real nail buffer should have 4 different sides. There's an instruction on the packaging on how to use it. I remember I bought one from beauty bar but I can't find it, yeah, an unorganized Virgo here, hehe. 

4th: Non-Acetone polish remover
 I used to love using acetone because it works extremely well and quickly in removing my polishes. Unfortunately, it's very quick to dry my nails and cuticles too. A non-acetone polish remover is ideal for everyday use (in my case it's almost everyday hehe). Although, I have to admit that there are times I cheat and use acetone whenever I have to remove glitter polishes as they're really a pain in the whatever to remove! 

I love the smell of OPI Polish remover but it's quite expensive at P175 a bottle. At times I want to scrimp, I just use Bobbie's version which is half the cost of OPI's! 

5th: Big-3 Free Polishes

I used to wonder why girls would spend a fortune in buying expensive polishes when there's a lot to choose from our local beauty stores that range from P10-P40 a bottle compared to a P395-polish in Rustan's. And then I've read about these expensive polishes to be Big-3 Free and etc. That I shoud practice caution in using cheap polishes because "many of them contain tolulene and formaldehyde (which are carcinogenic - ie shown to cause cancer). For explanations and all mumbo jumbo for big-3 issues, please check out All Lacquered Up's detailed post about it! Although I believe, from her post, not all of my polishes are big-3 free, as well as my favorite fast dry top coat, Seche Vite! At least I have Poshe, I should use it more often! 

Anyway, I hope you guys learn something from this. It's about time I made this entry, been thinking about it for quite sometime, thanks to Team Carnival for setting this as our 2nd week's topic! 

happy Monday everyone! 


Are you fond of magic tricks? I am. 

I was surprised to see this yesterday from my blog (left sidebar): 
My blog? at number 11? Are you kidding me? hahaha! Even during the run of my giveaway contest (which I've yet to announce the winner, so sorry, quarter end reporting this week up to next week), I only got 20 or 18 at the most. On regular days, it's just 24 and higher, so for my blog to be at no. 11, unbelievable haha. 

The magic trick? I joined Team Carnival. Want the same magic for your blog? Join us here

Unfortunately for me, my google adsense account is still awaiting approval, it has been 6 months ago LOL, google people, come on!!! 

With those who have google adsense running on their blogs already (or anything other than adsense), this is one sure way to increase traffic in your blog!

The team carnival's topic for next week, to be hosted by a friend, is beauty related, check it out here and hope to see your entry there

Just want to repost this here:

originally posted by mindytv

toxic working girl here,

Why did you leave your post as guardian in MyTC?

Got this question today at

To quote a friend, "Divide and conquer never works for small groups. It only ends up biting you in the butt."

We were a small group but I didn't feel like we were a team. The visions and expectations were different, in the end, we didn't agree. So I resigned. I can say the same for others who opted to stay out too.

Anyway, if you are a blogger, please join us here.

If you're not, you're still welcome in our little but fun community here

Come, let's have fun at the carnival!!!

Why this blog?

Had a toxic weekend and I wasn't able to join the first ever blog carnival on time, anyway, it's better late than never right?!

You can say, blog hopping is one of my hobbies. I love to read people's thought about certain beauty products but I love it more when it has some personal touch.

I turned into one makeup addict after trying one blush by MAC. After several purchases, I decided to take the plunge and try blogging, one particular reason in mind, to share about my latest beauty finds and what nots.

Little did I know, doing this will earn me a number of [online] friends, what a great bonus right?!

As I mentioned earlier, I recently joined a blog carnival, I've never heard of one until after a friend brought it up. So what is a blog carnival?
blog carnival consists of blog post links from different bloggers. The links will consist of a particular topic scheduled for that week. From time to time and at different intervals, one of these bloggers will act as "host" of all those blog post links, thus the term "carnival".

Joining this blog carnival is one great way to find new blogs to be addicted to, make friends and at the same time share your thoughts to the world.

This blog carnival is open to everyone, beauty bloggers or not! Come and join us next week! We also built a forum integrated with the blog to discuss anything under the sun. See you there!

Wishing everyone a happy monday, 

NOTD: Color Club Wild at Heart

This has got to be the best purple holo I have (well, I don't have that much!)

Super duper nice!

I'm not familiar with the brand when I got this from ebay, but this was highly recommended by a co-forumer who's a certified nail polish addict!

Let my crappy pictures do the talking!


happy purple everyone!!! 

Sale Alert: The Big Outlet Sale

click the pics to see the details!

I'll pass on this one though, don't want to brave another crazy sale hehe.

NOTD: Essie Mint Candy Apple

And we're back to reality. How I wish it's always a 4-day weekend hehe.

Spent 2 days at my parents's house in Cavite, locked up on their room (watching TV/movies) with the A/C on coz the heat is just unbearable =(

Anyway, here's my current NOTD:

Essie Mint Candy Apple, part of the mini-set I got 2 weeks ago, the Essie Sweet Time of the Year Winter 2009 set which includes 2 more reds, Lollipop and Rock Candy plus a 3-way Nail Glaze. Got this set coz I saw from some blogs before that this is a must-have shade. 

I would have love this shade if it's more green. For a polish to be named "Mint" and "Apple", I should expect more green right?


Funny thing about this polish:

When P saw my latest mani, would you believe that he blurted out, "why are you wearing the color of Nanay's bathroom tiles?!?"

And when my brother saw it, he said the same thing!

LOL. Can't get mad with them though coz honestly, it really look the same haha!


Got mine for 600 a set from multiply (the seller still has one set in stock), and I saw the same set in Shangri-La Rustan's earlier selling for Php825 per set.


Haha. I thought no one's gonna fall for that as I'm really not good in pulling any kind of joke!

I was thinking since yesterday what to post for today. Everything that comes to my mind sounds lame!

Then Pampam helped me by munching on my sandals, ouch. Yeah, that sad part about the sandals was true, hehe. Next time Pampam, let mommy solve her own problem okidoki? I found out about it last night though, not this morning. And the prizes for the contest are still intact. I stored them inside one of my drawers.

Unfortunately, I haven't started sorting the entries. I'm going home to the province tom, so I might be able to announce the winner next week (or maybe later hehe).

The 4th commenter realized it was an April's Fool joke so I had to delay the post approval. Unfortunately, she's a pretty persistent lady and tried to ruin the fun by posting on the chatbox too so I had to delete them, sorry girl!

Enjoy the rest of the holidays!!!


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