Carnival Week 3: Your take on online shopping

Happy Monday everyone! I'm sleepy here at work. I need a diversion! I want popcorn!!! LOL!

Anyway, have you guys seen this week's carnival? Shoutingwind of Upclose & Personal hosted the 2nd week's topic: All about Nail Care (what are your do's and don'ts, basic nail care rituals and tools, share it with us!), check out the entries here!

For the Team Carnival's 3rd week run, I will be the host yey!

Topic: What's your take about online shopping? Hate it? Love it? Tips and tricks?

Use the Submit Entry page to advise Team Carnival when the post is up, deadline of submission is on April 25.

On April 26, as host, I will be posting a summary of all the entries here on my blog. I'm excited and looking forward to all your post girls!

Please help me be a successful hostess LOL! If you have questions about the mechanics of Team Carnival, comment here or on my cbox and I will try to answer your queries!

Quick Facts/Tips:

* Please follow the topic for the week. Do not post a topic that's meant for next week hehe. You can check the list of topics here.
* Post your entry anytime within the week, let's say for this week, you can post anytime between April 19 to April 25, just make sure to notify Team Carnival whenever your post is up, use the link above.
* It isn't enough that you follow Team Carnival, we encourage you to join every week by posting an entry to your blog! Remember, Team Carnival has 32 followers, we expect at least 30 entries a week! *Dreaming hehe*

Thank you!

PS. You can check for a list of Carnival Topics over here. There's no host yet for the 4th week, if you would like to volunteer, please contact the Team Carnival via email.


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