Haha. I thought no one's gonna fall for that as I'm really not good in pulling any kind of joke!

I was thinking since yesterday what to post for today. Everything that comes to my mind sounds lame!

Then Pampam helped me by munching on my sandals, ouch. Yeah, that sad part about the sandals was true, hehe. Next time Pampam, let mommy solve her own problem okidoki? I found out about it last night though, not this morning. And the prizes for the contest are still intact. I stored them inside one of my drawers.

Unfortunately, I haven't started sorting the entries. I'm going home to the province tom, so I might be able to announce the winner next week (or maybe later hehe).

The 4th commenter realized it was an April's Fool joke so I had to delay the post approval. Unfortunately, she's a pretty persistent lady and tried to ruin the fun by posting on the chatbox too so I had to delete them, sorry girl!

Enjoy the rest of the holidays!!!


twinsouls888 said...

You naughty girl hehe ^_^

Bea said...

lol sol, i knew it! But i can't believe i bought your joke. hahhahaha :p silly you. :D

Camille(SHOBE) said...

haha.thought it was real,saka si pampam talagang nakawink pa amf hehe

lelila said...

ems, did you fall for it haha.

shobe, nasilaw sa flash kaya napawink hahaha. one of our camwhoring session yan eh!

bea, haha. buti di ka nagcomment sa isang post noh?

tinedangganda said...

waaaahhhh you got me.. maybe karma ko coz i've been fooling around with my friends too...

but Pampam's Pic is sooo cute!

Mindy LC said...

Magaling, magaling!!!!

Ang cute naman ng peechur ni Pampam!

Bea said...

wahahah. eh kasi nalungkot ako eh, madedelay sa pag announce ng winners hahahahha! kaya di ko nlang sinabi. :|


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