Are you fond of magic tricks? I am. 

I was surprised to see this yesterday from my blog (left sidebar): 
My blog? at number 11? Are you kidding me? hahaha! Even during the run of my giveaway contest (which I've yet to announce the winner, so sorry, quarter end reporting this week up to next week), I only got 20 or 18 at the most. On regular days, it's just 24 and higher, so for my blog to be at no. 11, unbelievable haha. 

The magic trick? I joined Team Carnival. Want the same magic for your blog? Join us here

Unfortunately for me, my google adsense account is still awaiting approval, it has been 6 months ago LOL, google people, come on!!! 

With those who have google adsense running on their blogs already (or anything other than adsense), this is one sure way to increase traffic in your blog!

The team carnival's topic for next week, to be hosted by a friend, is beauty related, check it out here and hope to see your entry there

Just want to repost this here:

originally posted by mindytv

toxic working girl here,


shoutingwind said...

Magic talaga yan!

Ako nga from 157 naging 102. In a day yan ha!

Power of backlinks! go go go team carnival!!

shoutingwind said...

ako nga from 157 to 102 in one day.

Ang kulit!

Khymm said...

congrats Lel! =)

lelila said...


thanks, sali ka ha!


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