MARCH 2010: Monthly Favorites (my first!)

Yeah, I'm a copycat of our fave youtube bloggers hehe. I always look forward to their monthly fave vids since I can get an idea on what are the good buys out there, not that I'm always on the lookout to buy something every month, just for future reference, haha.

For those who are unfamiliar with "monthly favorites", it's just a montly post/video that you do, usually days after month-ends, raving about certain products that you love for that previous month. Doesn't necessarily mean that you just bought the product, but can also include something you've had for a while.

Let's start!

MAC Eyeshadow in Amberlights: actually, this is not just a monthly favorite, but an all-time favorite, see, it's first on my list. I just love how it brightens my eye area! I have terrible dark circles and this one helps a lot to brighten up my look. This is a permanent MAC product, got mine from MAC Shangrila.

MAC Eyeshadow in Glamour Check: my go-to crease/outer-V color, I have a few "dark" eyeshadows and this one's my favorite. It blends like a dream, formula's just great as it is a starflash variant. Goes well with everything but love to combine this with Amberlights. Unfortunately, this is a limited edition item so I don't know where else to get this. =(

MAC Eyeshadow in Soft Brown: works great as a crease or transition color! Got mine from a multiply store since it's not available locally, I believe its a permanent item too, so if you know someone who can get it for you abroad, do get this one!

Yes, my lid disappears when I have eye makeup on, waah! I used the abovementioned e/s in this eotd's (amberlights on the lid, soft brown on the crease, glamour check on the outer V, pardon my e/s application, I'm still a newbie on this eyeshadow thing!)

MAC 109 Brush: love to use this for my blush, be it a super pigmented one or otherwise. I love how it fits on my cheek. I seldom use this brush though for liquid foundation, which made this brush a li'l famous with makeup aficionados, due to shedding issues. I love how small the head of this brush, you'll never  that overdoing your blush is never a problem =)

MAC Blush Ombre in Azalea Blossom: a gradient styled blush from a pale pink to purple, part of the recent MAC Spring collection. I love how it looks on the pan, but I hate it when I first used it! Turned out, I overapplied hehe. I was used to NARS' pigmented blushes, not MAC. When I used it yesterday, I lightly dab my 109 brush then tap it, and applied on my cheek. I used the pale pink portion first. Then I swirled my brush and apply it upwards, as if I'm contouring my cheeks (if that makes sense?).

this is how Azalea look on me, it barely shows on the pic but it's really nice in person. Sorry, I'm drying my hair here =)

MAC Laugh a Lot lipstick: Again, from MAC's Spring 2010 Collection, a lustre variant lipstick. Honestly, I got it on a whim. I am not a lipstick user so I rarely get one from any of MAC's collection no matter how pretty I find them. Lipstick make my lips dry and flaky in a matter of minutes! I just resigned to the fact that I will forever be a lipbalm girl. Imagine how ecstatic I was when I found out I can wear this particular lipstick without having to endure chapped lips after! I've used MAC See Sheer before, also a lustre variant, but it made my lips dry too. Anyway, Laugh a lot is a mauve pink shade and looks natural and rosy when applied on the lips. An MLBB material. I should get a backup!

And no, I am not a MAC Addict haha!

Last on my list, NYX Eye and Lips Makeup Remover. Except for some announcements and a li'l mention about my multiply store, I seldom rave about NYX items that I love for fear of being accused of over promotion hehe. But for this particular product, I am willing to make an exception! I just finished my first bottle of this makeup remover and I'm so disappointed that it was currently out of stock from my supplier when I placed my recent order. I have sensitive eyes and this never made me tear up or anything. It's extra gentle yet strong enough to remove any trace of my eye makeup! I usually use 1 to 2 cotton rounds per eye, depending on what mascara (and eyeliner) I'm using. A little goes a long way, used up my first bottle for almost 3 months!

 That's all and I had fun doing this, looking forward to reading your monthly favorites!


Askmewhats said...

Mac Amberlights is definitely a must hvae MAC e/s! I love it too! thanks for sharing your March faves :)

thecommonspectator said...

Great post :D

i love favorite posts/vids too!

Crystal said...

thanks for posting your faves!

maki said...

wow parang nainggit ako sa nyx eye makeup remover!

oOchaOo said...

you're definitely NOT a mac (and nail polish) addict!!! hahaha

mac amberlights is really pretty, dito ko din unang nadiscover yun sa blog mo hehe :)

Kitten said...

Loving the MAC lipstick! :) nice favorites

Pammy said...

Pretty Sollie. Amishu! :P

Of course, I love your blush. ;D


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