Nail talk!

As some of you may all know by now, I have this big thing with nail polishes. What most of you don't know is that I used to not follow any nail care 'rituals'. Yeah, bad. I cut my nails whenever it gets broken while doing the laundry, or any time of the week that I just feel like it. I used acetone to remove my polishes. I don't rest my nails, it always must have a polish. And the list could go on and on and on.

But when I got exposed to a lot of blogs that focus on nails and nail polishes, I realized how careless I've been. I tried to adopt their good practices one by one.

1st: Glass file

I've never heard of glass file until late part of last year. I've always used an emery board from the start then a metal file later on. Discovering glass nail file is divine! The result is much much better and it's more economic as it's washable and will last you a long time since glass nail files will never become worn down unlike emery boards which is fast to lose it's rough surface.

Unlike steel nail file which causes the nail to chip or crack because it's too rough on the nails, glass files, on the contrary, helps reduce the amount of chipping, splitting, and peeling when used on a regular basis. One major disadvantage, it easily cracks so it needs a TLC hehe.

2nd: Cuticle Cream

I've always had dry cuticles. Maybe because of too much changing of nail polish. And don't forget our climate, hay! I used to put cuticle oil on my cuticles (Creative Solar Oil), but I find cuticle oil too messy, I often leave marks on my keyboard and sometimes on my stuff. I've read from various nail blogs that they like Burt's Bees Cuticle Balm. I got mine from Beauty Bar for P400 I think. Then I got one as a freebie from an online purchase (lucky me!). Constant use of this balm made a significant change in my cuticles, it softened and I seldom get hang nails. No chaffing, no crack. Again, this one will last me a long time. It actually reminds me of a petroleum jelly, only in a hard wax texture, a bit greasy but manageable than the cuticle oil.  I love the tin can slim packaging, I can easily insert in my bag! Smell is ok too, unlike the tester of Lush Lemony Flutter that I smelled in Lush Shangrila although I was told it's old hence the smell. Anyway, love this BB stuff!

3rd: Nail Buffer

Got mine from Watson's for less than a 100 bucks. It's said to be a  4 step buffer that adds natural shine to the nails although when I got mine, all 4 sides are the same, but doesn't matter. I still use it to buff my nails if I want to make it a li'l shiny on days I let my nails rest. 

Please take note that nail file (emery, steel or even the glass one) should not be used to buff the surface of the nails. They are meant only to shape them from the side. And file in one direction. Yes, this is misplaced. Should have said it at number 1 hehe 

A real nail buffer should have 4 different sides. There's an instruction on the packaging on how to use it. I remember I bought one from beauty bar but I can't find it, yeah, an unorganized Virgo here, hehe. 

4th: Non-Acetone polish remover
 I used to love using acetone because it works extremely well and quickly in removing my polishes. Unfortunately, it's very quick to dry my nails and cuticles too. A non-acetone polish remover is ideal for everyday use (in my case it's almost everyday hehe). Although, I have to admit that there are times I cheat and use acetone whenever I have to remove glitter polishes as they're really a pain in the whatever to remove! 

I love the smell of OPI Polish remover but it's quite expensive at P175 a bottle. At times I want to scrimp, I just use Bobbie's version which is half the cost of OPI's! 

5th: Big-3 Free Polishes

I used to wonder why girls would spend a fortune in buying expensive polishes when there's a lot to choose from our local beauty stores that range from P10-P40 a bottle compared to a P395-polish in Rustan's. And then I've read about these expensive polishes to be Big-3 Free and etc. That I shoud practice caution in using cheap polishes because "many of them contain tolulene and formaldehyde (which are carcinogenic - ie shown to cause cancer). For explanations and all mumbo jumbo for big-3 issues, please check out All Lacquered Up's detailed post about it! Although I believe, from her post, not all of my polishes are big-3 free, as well as my favorite fast dry top coat, Seche Vite! At least I have Poshe, I should use it more often! 

Anyway, I hope you guys learn something from this. It's about time I made this entry, been thinking about it for quite sometime, thanks to Team Carnival for setting this as our 2nd week's topic! 

happy Monday everyone! 


Askmewhats said...

thanks for this as we grow older and we are more exposed with nail polishes, it is very vital to take care of our nails!

Mara said...

Hey Sol!Love the post. Where do you get your glass files and the OPI remover? What's your fave ways to shop nailpolishes too? Thanks mucho in advance!
-Lots of love,
Mara :D

lelila said...

hi nikki, agree!

mara, got the OPI polish remover at Rustan's, love the smell but not the price hehe.

i usually buy my polishes from forum (girltalk, etc), ok naman, nakakascore lagi ng good bargain hehe.

kach said...

Where did you buy your glass files? I'm kinda curious, might check them out some time this week. Thanks.


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