NOTD: Essie Mint Candy Apple

And we're back to reality. How I wish it's always a 4-day weekend hehe.

Spent 2 days at my parents's house in Cavite, locked up on their room (watching TV/movies) with the A/C on coz the heat is just unbearable =(

Anyway, here's my current NOTD:

Essie Mint Candy Apple, part of the mini-set I got 2 weeks ago, the Essie Sweet Time of the Year Winter 2009 set which includes 2 more reds, Lollipop and Rock Candy plus a 3-way Nail Glaze. Got this set coz I saw from some blogs before that this is a must-have shade. 

I would have love this shade if it's more green. For a polish to be named "Mint" and "Apple", I should expect more green right?


Funny thing about this polish:

When P saw my latest mani, would you believe that he blurted out, "why are you wearing the color of Nanay's bathroom tiles?!?"

And when my brother saw it, he said the same thing!

LOL. Can't get mad with them though coz honestly, it really look the same haha!


Got mine for 600 a set from multiply (the seller still has one set in stock), and I saw the same set in Shangri-La Rustan's earlier selling for Php825 per set.


shoutingwind said...

I like nanay's bathroom tiles!!

Ganda ng clean up ha!

Askmewhats said...

LOL so your the tiles look gorgeous then? Such a cool shade to look at, I can stare at your nails forever, ganda

Bea said...

weee. ang ganda kaya ng color na yan! :) hehehehe.

Nina said...

I agree it could be a bit greener but I still love it! I'm wearing it on my toes right now. Thanks for linking my multiply site too! :)

Kizzy-online said...

Looks pretty on you, but I think it would look horrible on me! (caramel skin)

Mindy LC said...

I like! Bathroom tiles or whatnot, maganda!


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