Online Shopping is my favorite past time!

As costly as it is, I really find online shopping as the best way to de-stress. I forget all my worries and all whenever I get informed that a package is waiting for me.

I started shopping online, I think around 2003 or 2004? What I usually buy that time? Pirated cd's of US TV Series I'm very fond of (Smallville, Alias, etc.), later on, Koreanovelas, Full House hello! LOL.

I don't have a fast internet connection back then so I resort to buying them online. Aside from these cd's, I usually buy my office bags and wallets from the net (, just because I usually find unique bags in ebay. Most of the peeps in our province (Cavite) usually buy from Marithe Francois Girbaud that it's not impossible to bump with someone using the same bag as yours (I soooo hate that haha).

Come 2005, I fell in love with Korean accessories, went gaga buying them, only to be dissapointed that they easily tarnish. Oh well, what do I expect with a P350-worth pair of earrings!

I posted before in my multiply account some of the purchases I made online, I just stopped posting but I never stop from buying online. If you want to take a peek, check them out here.

Where I usually buy?

In 2008, when I started working here in the metro, I also started buying stuff from international sites ( - mostly makeups and nail polishes.

All in all, I love shopping. Where else can you buy a 1k worth of Ninewest wallet? Kenneth Cole bags? Even if there's no Sephora in here, I can get any items from them thru some online shopper in multiply. There are lots of online selling sites waiting to be discovered. In my 6 years of buying online, I've had my share of bogus sellers. Twice or thrice. Not bad, right?

Anyway, I'm so glad that the number of peeps who joined this week's carnival increased, yey!

Let's check them out!

Cha haven't tried online shopping but I'm impressed that she took time to learn what one needs to know when buying onlineMindy, on the other hand, already took a dip at online shopping, although she's yet to try multiply shopping but I bet it wouldn't take long before she does.

Yen's take on this whole shebang? May I just quote her? "If doing any chore means you never have to leave your comfortable seat then it's a freakin' good deal." - so true!!!

Mara raved about one particular online seller! which she now used as a benchmark of how an online seller should be! Shoutingwind retells her online shopping horror story, yikes! I felt bad for her. 

Laarni on the other hand, loves shopping in general. Online shopping is not an exemption!  Last but definitely not the least, Mclaren scored some fab items from her online shopping! I sooo love her south sea pearls! 

Whew! That concludes our Carnival Week 3! Hope to see your next post on this week's topic: These Imperfections Make Me Beautiful to be hosted by MaraPlease submit your entries on or before May 2! Posting date is on May 3! Hope to double the number of the posts on Week 4!


ThRiSzHa said...

nice.. sis.. what link sa female network ung pwede kang magbuy ng mga branded polish? thanks!!

Sush said...

online shopping is loooooveeee! =) gets pretty addicting too haha

lelila said...

hi sush!!! you're so right! it's so addicting!!!!

thriszha, no particular seller, there's just some members who, from time to time, trim their collex and sell some of their polishes. =)

abang abang lang =)

Shopping Bliss said...

Ohh.. this was such a fun topic! I regret missing the carnival ride on this... :(

Online shopping has changed how i shop in malls. It helped me save a lot of Time (everything is just a click away) & Money (search & you will find great bargains online!).

It is very de-stressing and addicting. So I do need to watch the time and myself when I e-shop, or else i end up spending the whole night (AND dawn) shopping and trying to grabe every good deal I find.

Too much money spent (despite how good the deal was) is still OUCHY on the pocket! LOL! :o)


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