Pink Overload: NARS Schiap

Don't you just love pink? Sorry for straining your eyes. Pink banner, pink url/link, pink polish, etc! 

It isn't too obvious I love pink, right?

I didn't know then that NARS released a polish version of the ever famous NARS Schiap. I just found out about it when I was looking for swatches of NARS Schiap Lipstick and I was surprised to see various swatches of NARS Schiap THE POLISH! A friend told me there's one at NARS Makati so I asked her to buy one for me. I didn't know Lara still has some stocks at NARS Shangri-la, my bad!

When I got it from the mail, as prepared as I am from the swatches I saw online, I still got 'frightened' seeing the polish in real life. It really is HOT!

I hesitated a bit if I could pull it off! Haha. 

After a month, here it is on me:


excerpt from Francois Nars' interview here


Bec said...

That is such a gorgeous and uber-hot color! Love it!

Ashwini said...

You're pulling this off really well, I'd say! Great blog, just started following ya. :)

rosey said...

that is sooo chic! i love pink too!=) and btw, you were able to pull it off. you've got pretty nails' shape too! =)

YenRobles said...

That color suits you. ;)

Khymm said...

looks bagay on you Sol! very pretty pink nga!

CHARRY said...

wow! such a pretty color! :)


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