Why this blog?

Had a toxic weekend and I wasn't able to join the first ever blog carnival on time, anyway, it's better late than never right?!

You can say, blog hopping is one of my hobbies. I love to read people's thought about certain beauty products but I love it more when it has some personal touch.

I turned into one makeup addict after trying one blush by MAC. After several purchases, I decided to take the plunge and try blogging, one particular reason in mind, to share about my latest beauty finds and what nots.

Little did I know, doing this will earn me a number of [online] friends, what a great bonus right?!

As I mentioned earlier, I recently joined a blog carnival, I've never heard of one until after a friend brought it up. So what is a blog carnival?
blog carnival consists of blog post links from different bloggers. The links will consist of a particular topic scheduled for that week. From time to time and at different intervals, one of these bloggers will act as "host" of all those blog post links, thus the term "carnival".

Joining this blog carnival is one great way to find new blogs to be addicted to, make friends and at the same time share your thoughts to the world.

This blog carnival is open to everyone, beauty bloggers or not! Come and join us next week! We also built a forum integrated with the blog to discuss anything under the sun. See you there!

Wishing everyone a happy monday, 

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