NOTD: Orly Cotton Candy

Did the laundry over the weekend so my nail art didn't last as much as I want to.

In my hope to start my week right by wearing a bright and happy color, I chose to wear another pastel shade. Still from Orly's Sweet Collection, this is Cotton Candy, supposedly a baby pink creme (as per official description of Orly) but turns a li'l peachy on me, it's safer to say that this is peachy pink than baby pink (and who do I think I am to argue with Orly haha). I don't know if it's the shade itself that emphasizes my coloring (morena) or if all pastel colors are like this on me. Either way, I'm ok with that. 

natural lighting

under the sun

can you guess what building is at the background? haha

Does the shade live up to its name? Does it remind you of cotton candy indeed? I think so. This is a li'l bright though. Even my favorite MAC MA, Carlos, can't help but noticed my nails. Bright but nice, as he said, "Bongga!", instead of nice, is actually the word he used haha. 

Up to now, I still can't believe I was able to apply this without a hitch, no messy sides, no repeat application. Honestly, I decided to use Orly Lemonade on my mani session last week because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to apply it properly.

Last night, armed with an orange stick, cotton and a polish remover just in case I mess up the application, I started to apply Cotton Candy on my nails. And I finished my manicure without using them! That's how nice the application is! I wish it was more opaque though, I did 3 coats for this.

Nice job Orly. Can't wait to get my hands on the other shades from this collection!

where to buy Orly Nail Lacquers and Treatments?

PCX (FIRST AID Greenbelt, ROCKWELL, ERMITA, Alabang Town Center)

Beauty by SM ( Makati and Megamall) 
SM Watsons(Greenbelt, Ayala Cebu) 

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What's the buzz?!

Social networking, according to wiktionary, is the interaction between a group of people who share a common interest. This is actually an old concept, hence the clubs and organizations.

Although nowadays, we redefined the meaning of social networking. Today, it is the interaction between a group of people who share a common interest thru the internet.

Do you have an account to all these networking sites? I don't know about half of them, but I'm active on the half of the other half. LOL.

I have an account in Facebook (who hasn't! my parents? LOL, even my dog has an FB account!). I'm using Yahoo Messenger for 7 years now, and I have an account in Youtube so I could subscribe to my favorite beauty channels. I signed up at Twitter too, to stalk celebrities and youtube gurus hehe.

Speaking for myself, I signed up for these social networking sites (facebook/plurk) because my friends did! I remember 6 or 7 years ago, a friend introduced me to a guy (whom afterwards I got romantically involved with haha) and during one of our phone convo, blurted out "add me on Friendster ha?!" and I was like, "what?!!". I might be living in a cave that time 'cause I don't have any idea what Friendster is.

As soon as I was able to access the net, I search about it and of course I signed up. The rest is history and so are we (the guy and me hehe). After Friendster, I got into Multiply before it turned out as an online selling site (my personal account in multiply is no longer active as I'm busy maintaining my multiply store). Then Facebook and Plurk. I even tried not to use Plurk, because at first I didn't know how to use it, or am I talking about Tumblr? Whatever! Seriously, I have so many accounts online I can't remember which is which! I'm active with Facebook and Plurk (even if I have less than 5 friends there, they're equivalent to 100 peeps anyway with how talkative they are haha) and of course Multiply (a girl has to earn for a living you know!)

I actually enjoy social networking. Some of my friends live from afar and we don't get to see each other as much as we used to. Thru these sites, we are able to catch up with our lives. I also gained friends thru this. It's easy to be updated with everything too - showbiz, news, politics, etc.

Funny that some of my friends are irritated about those who went overboard on the use of these networking sites. They're irked about having to read status updates on every single details of someone else's lives. Funny coz I don't mind reading those, maybe, I am a stalker for real lol. And when there are times I'm not on the mood to read those, I just hide their feeds or I unfollow them.

My take though, please be careful in whatever details you put online. Beware of stalkers (like me LOL). Ever heard of identity theft? Social media usually asks for personal informations like birthdays and parents' names. Remember that banks usually ask for this info to verify your identity - for online or phone banking.

I've also heard that debt collectors now utilize social networking sites to track down debtors. So if you're running from a credit card debt, it will be wise not to put in your info your home address and your employer's name hehe.

Applying for a new job? Make sure that your online sites are clean. These social networking sites has become a tool for HR people to do background research. You could've landed that job but HR saw a very disturbing profile pic and changed their mind. We'll never know right?

Just be aware of you're cyber environments. Be picky on who to add in your contacts, this isn't a popularity contest. Add only those you really know. Use common sense.

I remember reading this somewhere:

"Putting business-related information on sharing sites is smart.
Putting your whole life on display is stupid and risky"

This is my entry for this week's Team Carnival. Till next week, I'll be out on a date with P tonight, I wish SATC 2 is shown this week instead of next.

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NOTD: Orly Lemonade

Wasn't able to resist the Orly temptation and I went to Watson's after lunch to check out their new collection. They're so yummy, real eye candies!!! 

Sorry for the pic quality, I was shy to use flash on my cam haha. 

I really had to restrain myself from buying Gumdrop and Snowcone! Checked out Lollipop instead, then realized I have too much purple polishes already. The yellow one, Lemonade, looks like it's wearing an invisible tag screaming "Get me!" and I did, thinking it's perfect for Summer! I also snag Cotton Candy and Country Club Khaki (from Orly's Prepster Collection last year) since I don't think I have anything in my stash that closely resembles these shades.

Out of the three, I decided to try the yellow one first. Since I took the half day off from work (our IT department's not yet done in backing up my files so I can't use my PC which is due for replacement on Monday as part of their maintenance procedures), I thought of trying the new nail salon I spotted last week.
Orly Lemonade is a pretty yellow pastel creme that is said to be a dupe of China Glaze's Yellow Fizz, the only difference is that Orly's formula is a bit thicker than CG's Yellow Fizz.

I am not fond of anything yellow (my mother is!) more so for a nail polish. This is actually my first yellow polish and I almost return it to the saleslady when I'm about to pay on the counter haha. Fortunately, it doesn't look bad on me! 

Here's Orly Lemonade on my nails! Btw, I also asked my nail tech to do nail art on my ring finger. 

Some more pics! 

It screams summer, right?!?! Really perfect for our weather today. Imagine my surprise when I stepped out of the mall after my session, I want to laugh out loud since it was raining outside!!! So much for summer nails haha.

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Orly's Sweet Collection 2010 is now available!

My boy Lollipop
You make my heart go giddy-up
You are as sweet as candy
you're my sugar dandy

Dunno but this collection makes me sing that song! Anyway, saw from Orly's Philippine Facebook Page that this collection is already out in the market! Haven't visited Megamall watson's yet to check them out but I might get Lollipop. I love to get Gumdrop and Snowcone NOW, unfortunately I already ordered mine from the U.S. and they're scheduled to arrive end of next month, sigh! I have to wait for 3 to 4 more weeks! 

Pixy Stix: salmon creme
Lollipop: pastel purple creme
Lemonade: pastel yellow creme
Gumdrop: pastel turquoise creme
Cotton Candy: baby pink creme
Snowcone: baby blue creme

Anyway, take note that each polish comes with a free matching flavored mini lip gloss key chain! How cool is that!!!

Orly is available at selected Watson's (G5, Makati, Megamall Dept Store, Ayala Cebu), and PCX branches (Rockwell, Ermita, ATC). Other locations - Marrionnaud, First Aid Greenbelt and Landmark Trinoma at around P350/bottle!

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NOTD: Elianto Sky Blue

Today's mani is from Elianto, got this polish two weeks ago when I dropped by at their counter in Robinson's Galleria. 

At first, I really thought Elianto is a Korean brand, since people (online) always compare it with The Face Shop, which I know is a Korean brand. I only learned the truth last week haha. Elianto is actually a Malaysian brand although the word Elianto was derived from the word "sunflower" in Italian. Aside from Malaysia, it's available here in the Philippines with 23 outlets (going 25) as well as in Singapore and Cambodia (I've read they have franchisees to Dubai and Saudi Arabia but I'm not really sure). Recently, it was made available worldwide with the launch of their online store

With their large selection of makeup and skin care items, it was actually their nail polishes that made me try the brand. And I was glad I did! Their polishes are really nice - color and application wise. 

The first polish I bought from them is Turquiose and I already posted an NOTD here

After that, I bought another 3:   

And here's Sky Blue on my Nails:


I can't get over this shade. It was sooo pretty I wore it for 3 days!!! And it's surprising for me since my mani would always last for 2 days max and there'll be visible tip wear already, lots of typing day and night plus dishwashing and other household chores. 

But this one even survived one laundry session without chipping at all! Staying power is more than what I could say with some of my frosted OPI and China Glaze polishes! Way to go Elianto! 

This is it on Day 2, after doing the laundry, excuse the dryness, forgot to put on a lotion hehe:

And lots of pictures below including a shot of my stubby fingers haha:


sorry I had to blur the background, too much clutter on my desk!

Application is a breeze, I barely had to do side cleanups. And another good thing, it's readily available at department stores at super affordable price!!!

I will surely buy more, might want to try the Sparkling Diva collection next!

Elianto is available at the following outlets:

~ SM Mall of Asia
~ The Block
~ The Shops Greenhills
~ SM City Dasmarinas
~ SM City Pampanga
~ SM City Cebu Northwing
~ SM North Edsa Annex
~ Landmark Trinoma
~ Landmark Makati
~ SM North Edsa Annex Watsons
~ SM Megamall Watsons
~ SM Cubao Watsons
~ SM Makati Watsons
~ SM Bacoor Watsons
~ Robinsons Metroeast
~ Robinsons Galleria
~ Robinsons Ermita
~ Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall
~ Metro Gaisano Market! Market!
~ Metro Angeles MarQuee Mall
~ Gaisano Cagayan de Oro
~ Gaisano Iligan

~ Landmark Makati
~ SM Pampanga Watsons

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NOTD: Barielle Decadence

It's too hot noh? Can't wait for summer to end, although I really don't dig the rainy season (hello wet jeans!). But at least, I don't need to worry about my electric bill whenever I turn the a/c on. We use it at least 12 hours a day, how crazy is that! Please understand though that I have a lot of fat deposits on my body, can't tolerate too much heat! Haha! 

Anyway, while it's still summer, let's have fun wearing some bright colors shall we?

Barielle Decadence is from Barielle's Sugar Rush for Summer 2009 collection. It's a shimmery/frosted/metallic (make up your mind girl!) teal shade that reminds me so much of beach! This is actually my first Barielle polish, never heard of this brand until after some girls at the forum mentioned about it. Saw someone's NOTD on the board and I said I want one! Fortunately, a fellow polish addict has an extra bottle she's disposing and sent me an sms, of course I have to get it, along with two other Barielle polishes hehe. 

The photos below could barely give justice to this shade. It's glossy on it's own that you may opt to skip a top coat, but I didn't hehe. Application is a li'l bit tricky since it can get streaky but still manageable, clean up is ok too. My bottle is a little goopy too but nothing a few drops of thinner would solve. 

Cebu Pacific is having a sale till Friday, I'm tempted to book a flight to Boracay and wear this polish again, haha! Crazy! 

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MAC to the Beach Collection

I just spent part of my savings on my haul from Pret a Papier Collection and what little is left from that savings is now in danger.

MAC's To the Beach Collection will soon be hitting our MAC Counters next month. Heard from the grapevine, target release date is on the weekend of June 12. There might be delays though, will update once I have the exact date =)

Do you have your list already? I already have one, a long time ago. But I need to trim mine. Seriously! Although, I already reserved two items from this list. The rest, I have to think about it!

On my list are:


MAC Marine Life Powder 

MAC Hipness Blush

MAC Firecracker e/s

MAC Humid eyeshadow

MAC Float on By Eye Kohl

See you at bankruptdom ladies!!!! 

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Contest: MindyTV is giving away Cougar Town's Complete Season 1 Original DVD

Up to now, I have no internet and cable access at home yet since I moved to my new place two weeks ago, and watching some US TV series is what keeping me (half) sane. Actually, I'm just trying to catch up with lots of tv shows. I have some dibidi's in my place waiting for me!

I'm already done with Chuck's latest episode (well, latest before I moved out, have yet to watch the most recent one!).

Also, I can't wait for Drop Dead Diva's season 2 premiere on June 6. Btw, this is a must watch for every fashionable, nail polish addicts, kikay gals out there!

What am I so intrigue about is another show being raved about by a friend! It's Cougar Town, starring Monica of FRIENDS! I miss FRIENDS you know! Anyway, I'm disgressing.

Mindy of TooMuchTV is holding her very first blog contest, woohoo!!!! And the prize? An original DVD of Cougar Town's First Season! I'm taking a break off my work just to repost this contest LOL! I want need to win this one so I'm doing everything just to earn an extra point, you know haha.

Check out the contest details here

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MAC's Pret a Papier Haul and FOTD!

Craft Paper Couture – an inspired idea cut like a pattern and whipped up into a frisky little “funny face” frock. Then, strip it back to its essence for Summer 2010 for a Pret-a-Papier colour collection. It was a Project Runway challenge of sorts, with paper as the source, the instigator of ideas, the beginning of something simply, basically beautiful. Lipstick, LipGlass, Eye Shadow, Paint Pot, Chromografic Pencil, Studio Fix Lash, Impeccable Brow Pencil, Sheertone and Mineralize Blushes, and Nail Lacquer in a seamless spectrum of parchment-to-vellum beiges, with an occasional, clever colour spill, coral among the most au courant.”
Pret a Papier Collection was launched last Saturday, May 15, 2010. As always, I wasn't able to go to the launch as I'm not fond of going out every weekends, I just prefer to stay at home (told you, I'm such a bore hehe).

Got my loots yesterday and I was so happy with everything! Well, except for the lipglass since I really can't stand sticky glosses on my lips. I just got it since it looks so pretty LOL! 

Click the pics to enlarge

Unfortunately, there's no Chromagraphic Pencils yet, both testers and stocks.


Instant Chic Blush is I think the best item from this collection. It's a coral/peach pink blush that would look good on any skin tone. I disagree with some of the online reviews that this would hardly show up on darker skintone, I'm NC40 and I get a color on my cheek in one swipe. It's pretty pigmented for a sheertone blush actually, incredibly easy to build up and I'm glad it doesn't make my face orange-y compared to my other peach/coral blushes. Maybe because of it's strong pink undertones. 

Unfortunately (as always), this is already sold out at MAC Shangrila. Good news though, from online reviews, they say that it's pretty close to Melba Blush which is a permanent item at MAC.

I also love the Coral Crepe Paintpot! When I saw it from Michelle1218's Pret a Papier haul video, I got pretty excited especially when she said that coral on the eyes looks good to those with darker skintones. It doesn't hurt too that I love pairing my Too Faced Shadow Insurance with a paintpot. Compared to my Soft Ochre paintpot, I find Coral Crepe easier to blend on the lids. Also, I feel so happy (and lucky) to get this paintpot as the MA (Carlos) told me that only 3 paintpots arrived in their branch. The other 2 I believed were already reserved. Well, it pays to reserve items a month before the launch. Would you believe I already reserve some items from the upcoming "To the Beach" collection? Haha.

Another nice item to buy from this collection is the Made to Order Lipstick. For a lustre formula, this one has a great color payoff. This is nice to pair with my Instant Chic Blush or NARS Deepthroat. Or if you have MAC Melba or NARS Gilda, I think, it would work too. 

I love this more than Everhip (from the Liberty of London collection). Actually, I don't love Everhip at all as I can't use it because it looks hideous on my lips. But Made to Order is just awesome! And that's from someone who's a self proclaimed non-lipstick user for years!

Cut to Fit eyeshadow reminds me of Glamour Check, but a li'l lighter and Cut to Fit is a bit reddish. If you have Glamour Check already, skip this one. I should have! LOL!

Fold and Tuck Lipglass is an opaque bright coral gloss that looks amazing when paired with Made to Order which is why I got it. Unfortunately, I can't stand sticky glosses. =(

And for my FOTD, this is the look I came up with all the stuff I bought yesterday.

MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NC40
MAC Instant Chic Blush
MAC Made to Order Lipstick
MAC Coral Crepe Paintpot (with TFSI)
MAC e/s in Expensive Pink on the lid top it off with
MAC e/s in Pollinator
MAC e/s in Cut to Fit for the outer V
MAC e/s in Soft Brown for the crease, a very nice transition color
MAC e/s in Rice Paper for highlight
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
Majorlica Majorca Lash Expander

Coral in the eyes, cheeks and lips, what am I thinking, hahaha!!!!

And is it just me or my 1st pic looks like a grad photo? LOL!

All in all, this is a very nice collection especially for those who love neutrals. 

As what makeup  addicts always say, "I'm broke but I'm happy"! 

Woohoo! till MAC's new collection next month!

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