And the winner is.........

Finally, I'm done summarizing the entries!!! So sorry for the delay, work got in the way, my li'l brother's wedding, then work again, some online rakets hehe.

Anyway, as I said, I will use

Got 325 entries in all, whew, thanks so much guys!

Recorded the draw, unfortunately, since I am soooo smart,
I unknowingly recorded it sideways haha!

Congrats dear!!!! I have your address on file already co'z you ordered from my multiply store before, will send your package within the week!!! 

And that's not all, for the 3 ladies who posted an FOTD at my Facebook fan page, I'll be sending a special package to you girls, really appreciated all your efforts doing an FOTD and uploading it to my site! I also have your shipping details already hehe. 

thank you girls!!!!

And now, I'm preparing for my next giveaway =)


shoutingwind said...

sana yung next may international na!

Shen said...

waah! di nakasama ung pic ko sa FB.. :( sniff!

louise said...

awww thanks ms. sol :D
congrats to your successful giveaway :D

lelila said...

she, itry ko. mahal kase shipping haha.

shen, after contest ka na nagjoin eh hehe. will send you some stuff na lang =)

louise, thanks din super!

shoutingwind said...

ah, may uuwi dito sa may 23, padala mo na lang yung prize ko.

HAHAHAHA!!! wala pa yung contest nanalo na ako agad. LOL

DaMnViXeN said...

ooh congrats to the winners! looking forward to the next ones eheheh *cross fingers..

The ViXeN's LaiR

Trixie Gallardo said...

Weeee! Thanks, Sol! (: And congratulations to the winner and the two ladies!

donnarence said...

OMG!!!!! grabe... first time ko manalo sa giveaway... super happy ako..waaaaaahhhh.... iniisip ko na sana donnarence yung name na makita ko.. wahaha.. :D i feel so lucky tonight..
thank you so much.. godbless sol


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