April Favorites!

how time flies noh!? was supposed to finish this entry last week but I got busy and I prioritized the giveaway contest first.

Ok, here goes!

MAC On a Mission Blush:
This is my first MAC blush from a collection! I got mine from Marrionaud, filed for a halfday leave even just to go there lol. Neglected this blush for a while coz you know, I got a li'l busy buying other blushes hehe. Then one day, I decided to rotate my blushes just so I can use all of them. Decided to use this first and poof! I changed my mind about the rotation thing, I don't know what happened, but I always reach for this blush every morning! I used it for almost the whole month of April, sometimes alternating with MAC Dollymix (once in a while). For the swatch, check this out!

TFSI & MAC Paintpot combo:
I have a super duper oily lids that even the famed Urban Decay Primer Potion failed me. I had my hopes high when I got the TFSI from someone who sold hers online. I was thinking maybe I am one of those that are not lucky enough to be satisfied by UDPP and hoping that TFSI will save the day. Unfortunately, TFSI alone can't do it. Then, a friend told me to put MAC paintpot over TFSI, and voila! Goodbye to creasing and I can finally make my eye makeup lasts the whole day!

Obagi Sunblock:
I didn't buy this, Jheng gave it to me just because she's not using it. I normally hate putting sunblock coz I find them icky (lol) and makes my makeup cakey (no I'm not reciting a toddler's poem!)

But this one is different. It applies smooth and it "dries" easily. I apply a generous amount of this sunblock on top of Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer (Gel) and it's as if I don't have anything on my face!

Love! Love! Love! I just don't know if I'll buy one if I finish this tube, depends on the price haha.

MAC 224:
Sooo love this brush for blending! At first I thought I'll have a hard time using it as I already got used to using my MAC 217. Initially, I thought it was too long and I find it flimsy to be used as a blending brush. But of course, I was wrong. Totally worth the price!

L'oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Eyeliner in Carbon Black:

Such a long name, whew! I first heard of this from youtube gurus! I was amazed on how easy it looks when they're using it! When a friend went to New York for a vacation, I asked her if she can buy me one. I actually find this a bit pricey for a drugstore product ($8.99 at CVS plus tax).

When I first used this, I was shocked, coz it's suppperrr black, I ended up re-doing my whole eye makeup!  But when I got the hang of using it, I haven't touched my MAC Blacktrack fluidline again, and here I thought I'm going to hit the pan for that one haha. If that doesn't convinced you, check out this review!


Haha! Yes, I know it's not a beauty product but I am so into watching this series lately! I stopped watching after Season 1 due to work and stuff. I was still based in Laguna during the first season so I have a lot of time to watch then. Anyway, on a whim, I got myself a copy of the 2nd season  last week and I've been watching this every night!!!

Maybe, I just miss ALIAS so much haha. But no, I think I just love spy stories. With Chuck, I find the whole cast and the story line entertaining.  I especially love it when Casey and Chuck are bantering haha. Love it when Sarah Walker smiles, she's uber cute! I still have a long way to go to catch up with the latest episodes of Season 3. If you have time to spare, go try and watch this! It's so funny and cute! Go to your suking tindahan and get the first 2 seasons  and let's go suport the NerdHerd team!

Anyway, that's all for the month of April! Chat with you later!!!


Jing said...

oh my gosh! you also love chuck?!

my bf loves watching that series. meron siya mga dibidi niyan. pinupuyatan niya season 1 before. meron na naman siya season 2 ngayon.
now, i want to ask him whats the story of chuck. haha.

bellebathandbeyond said...

Hayyy I've been wanting to try Too Faced Shadow Insurance since forever, but never got around purchasing it because I always hoard UDPP when I'm in the US.

Now your post makes me want to try it NOW!

Oh, and I love Chuck too! :)

Askmewhats said...

Love the tip on Mac paintpot over TFSI!!!! :)

lelila said...


yep, super love chuck, lalo na siguro sa season 3 haha. go ask bf anong story, cute super!!!

belle, try mo, pero if solve ka na sa udpp, stick to it na lang, same price lang naman sila. although i love TFSI's tube kase.

Nikki, tip ni jheng haha


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