Contest: MindyTV is giving away Cougar Town's Complete Season 1 Original DVD

Up to now, I have no internet and cable access at home yet since I moved to my new place two weeks ago, and watching some US TV series is what keeping me (half) sane. Actually, I'm just trying to catch up with lots of tv shows. I have some dibidi's in my place waiting for me!

I'm already done with Chuck's latest episode (well, latest before I moved out, have yet to watch the most recent one!).

Also, I can't wait for Drop Dead Diva's season 2 premiere on June 6. Btw, this is a must watch for every fashionable, nail polish addicts, kikay gals out there!

What am I so intrigue about is another show being raved about by a friend! It's Cougar Town, starring Monica of FRIENDS! I miss FRIENDS you know! Anyway, I'm disgressing.

Mindy of TooMuchTV is holding her very first blog contest, woohoo!!!! And the prize? An original DVD of Cougar Town's First Season! I'm taking a break off my work just to repost this contest LOL! I want need to win this one so I'm doing everything just to earn an extra point, you know haha.

Check out the contest details here

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