NOTD: Barielle Decadence

It's too hot noh? Can't wait for summer to end, although I really don't dig the rainy season (hello wet jeans!). But at least, I don't need to worry about my electric bill whenever I turn the a/c on. We use it at least 12 hours a day, how crazy is that! Please understand though that I have a lot of fat deposits on my body, can't tolerate too much heat! Haha! 

Anyway, while it's still summer, let's have fun wearing some bright colors shall we?

Barielle Decadence is from Barielle's Sugar Rush for Summer 2009 collection. It's a shimmery/frosted/metallic (make up your mind girl!) teal shade that reminds me so much of beach! This is actually my first Barielle polish, never heard of this brand until after some girls at the forum mentioned about it. Saw someone's NOTD on the board and I said I want one! Fortunately, a fellow polish addict has an extra bottle she's disposing and sent me an sms, of course I have to get it, along with two other Barielle polishes hehe. 

The photos below could barely give justice to this shade. It's glossy on it's own that you may opt to skip a top coat, but I didn't hehe. Application is a li'l bit tricky since it can get streaky but still manageable, clean up is ok too. My bottle is a little goopy too but nothing a few drops of thinner would solve. 

Cebu Pacific is having a sale till Friday, I'm tempted to book a flight to Boracay and wear this polish again, haha! Crazy! 

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