NOTD: Orly Lemonade

Wasn't able to resist the Orly temptation and I went to Watson's after lunch to check out their new collection. They're so yummy, real eye candies!!! 

Sorry for the pic quality, I was shy to use flash on my cam haha. 

I really had to restrain myself from buying Gumdrop and Snowcone! Checked out Lollipop instead, then realized I have too much purple polishes already. The yellow one, Lemonade, looks like it's wearing an invisible tag screaming "Get me!" and I did, thinking it's perfect for Summer! I also snag Cotton Candy and Country Club Khaki (from Orly's Prepster Collection last year) since I don't think I have anything in my stash that closely resembles these shades.

Out of the three, I decided to try the yellow one first. Since I took the half day off from work (our IT department's not yet done in backing up my files so I can't use my PC which is due for replacement on Monday as part of their maintenance procedures), I thought of trying the new nail salon I spotted last week.
Orly Lemonade is a pretty yellow pastel creme that is said to be a dupe of China Glaze's Yellow Fizz, the only difference is that Orly's formula is a bit thicker than CG's Yellow Fizz.

I am not fond of anything yellow (my mother is!) more so for a nail polish. This is actually my first yellow polish and I almost return it to the saleslady when I'm about to pay on the counter haha. Fortunately, it doesn't look bad on me! 

Here's Orly Lemonade on my nails! Btw, I also asked my nail tech to do nail art on my ring finger. 

Some more pics! 

It screams summer, right?!?! Really perfect for our weather today. Imagine my surprise when I stepped out of the mall after my session, I want to laugh out loud since it was raining outside!!! So much for summer nails haha.

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angelamhiere said...

awww... so cute po!!! ^__^

wanna try! but... i can't wear polishes often and i can't grow my nails long like yours because they easily break... any tips po? ^__^

lelila said...

aww, i don't do much for my nails hehe. just make sure lang when you're filing your nails, file in one direction para di sya madali magbreak. you can use nail treatments din, like nail hardener. the one from sally hansen is good =)

try out cutex treatment din, cheaper than sally hansen, although haven't tried it out personally but heard some people got good results.

bellebathandbeyond said...

uy hindi blue! hehe

lovely on you!

angelamhiere said...

Thanks a lot!!! I think I should try it na... kasi po, i broke my nails this weekend... the surface broke... huhuhu... thanks for the tips! ^__^


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