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Social networking, according to wiktionary, is the interaction between a group of people who share a common interest. This is actually an old concept, hence the clubs and organizations.

Although nowadays, we redefined the meaning of social networking. Today, it is the interaction between a group of people who share a common interest thru the internet.

Do you have an account to all these networking sites? I don't know about half of them, but I'm active on the half of the other half. LOL.

I have an account in Facebook (who hasn't! my parents? LOL, even my dog has an FB account!). I'm using Yahoo Messenger for 7 years now, and I have an account in Youtube so I could subscribe to my favorite beauty channels. I signed up at Twitter too, to stalk celebrities and youtube gurus hehe.

Speaking for myself, I signed up for these social networking sites (facebook/plurk) because my friends did! I remember 6 or 7 years ago, a friend introduced me to a guy (whom afterwards I got romantically involved with haha) and during one of our phone convo, blurted out "add me on Friendster ha?!" and I was like, "what?!!". I might be living in a cave that time 'cause I don't have any idea what Friendster is.

As soon as I was able to access the net, I search about it and of course I signed up. The rest is history and so are we (the guy and me hehe). After Friendster, I got into Multiply before it turned out as an online selling site (my personal account in multiply is no longer active as I'm busy maintaining my multiply store). Then Facebook and Plurk. I even tried not to use Plurk, because at first I didn't know how to use it, or am I talking about Tumblr? Whatever! Seriously, I have so many accounts online I can't remember which is which! I'm active with Facebook and Plurk (even if I have less than 5 friends there, they're equivalent to 100 peeps anyway with how talkative they are haha) and of course Multiply (a girl has to earn for a living you know!)

I actually enjoy social networking. Some of my friends live from afar and we don't get to see each other as much as we used to. Thru these sites, we are able to catch up with our lives. I also gained friends thru this. It's easy to be updated with everything too - showbiz, news, politics, etc.

Funny that some of my friends are irritated about those who went overboard on the use of these networking sites. They're irked about having to read status updates on every single details of someone else's lives. Funny coz I don't mind reading those, maybe, I am a stalker for real lol. And when there are times I'm not on the mood to read those, I just hide their feeds or I unfollow them.

My take though, please be careful in whatever details you put online. Beware of stalkers (like me LOL). Ever heard of identity theft? Social media usually asks for personal informations like birthdays and parents' names. Remember that banks usually ask for this info to verify your identity - for online or phone banking.

I've also heard that debt collectors now utilize social networking sites to track down debtors. So if you're running from a credit card debt, it will be wise not to put in your info your home address and your employer's name hehe.

Applying for a new job? Make sure that your online sites are clean. These social networking sites has become a tool for HR people to do background research. You could've landed that job but HR saw a very disturbing profile pic and changed their mind. We'll never know right?

Just be aware of you're cyber environments. Be picky on who to add in your contacts, this isn't a popularity contest. Add only those you really know. Use common sense.

I remember reading this somewhere:

"Putting business-related information on sharing sites is smart.
Putting your whole life on display is stupid and risky"

This is my entry for this week's Team Carnival. Till next week, I'll be out on a date with P tonight, I wish SATC 2 is shown this week instead of next.

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