NOTD: Zoya Vanessa

Belated Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there! So sorry been neglecting this blog, I'm kinda busy with some household stuff.

That being said, let's go on with the topic at hand. Zoya Vanessa is from Zoya's Dare Collection released last year. It's a blue-based berry red that looks good on any skin tone ( I think). Not a bright red, but kinda maroon-(ish).

I have quite a few bottle of Zoya but I've yet to use all of them. Love the shape of the bottle, as well as the brush. Unfortunately, I don't think the staying power is superb, you'll see later when you see the pics.

Also for the first time, I tried the little-gap-thingie between the polish and my cuticles and you can tell I failed, BIG time!. Practice, practice, practice!

On to the pics:

indoor lighting

under the sun

under the sun

I applied this polish the night before I took the pic (which is the case in almost all my NOTDs). But checkout my middle finger (enlarge the pics to see it properly), the polish is already chipping. I just slept and took a bath the following morning and I can see visible tipwear already. I don't know, but I think it's partly the polish and partly the way I apply it. Maybe there's something wrong in how I do it.

Despite that, I love the color of this one, it flatters my skintone, unfortunately it doesn't photograph well and my hand is too dry!!!

Today's election day, vote wisely =)


bellebathandbeyond said...

In my experience Zoya doesn't work well with my usual top coat/base coat combo :( But the colors are lovely! Have to experiment more to find the ideal combo

Askmewhats said...

another cute color dear :D

Greenpease said...

Nice! =)


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