A bit dissapointed with the soon-to-open Forever21

I just got confirmation last Saturday that our local Forever 21 doesn't have the Faith21 line (their plus size section). I asked via twitter and when I saw their reply, my heart sank. With a store that big, I was hoping they'll be complete, well, they are, ALMOST!

Out of frustration, I just decided to buy from their US website. Got the following. 

Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention coz I ended up buying 2pcs of that open cardigan in purple, arghh! I just found out when I got the order confirmation receipt. Must have clicked it twice! 

Read F21's FAQ and saw this:

Here's me hoping Faith21 will be here before Christmas, pleaseeee!!!! 

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木堯木堯 said...
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Khymm (Shopcoholic) said...

that purple cardi and white tank looks so cute =)

Askmewhats said...

I've checked their store, wala nga! pero I'll pray din, I agree they should bring this line in the country! Pero girl, you try the other lines, I've seen different sizes available! ok siya!

lelila said...

hi khymm, cute noh, pwede magpartner hehe.


i'm big, as in big! LOL! ask jheng haha.

ThRiSzHa said...

love that stripes..

jenobebs said...

you're such a shopaholic ;p

rhaindropz said...

loving that purple cardigan (^_^)

nikkiz. said...

kasya kaya sa akin yun open cardi?
:-) I hope they bring in Faith 21 too.

I love their Heritage line bec. the fabric is so much thicker than the looks-disposable-F21 regular line. I have a number of F21 tops and they're all so manipis and ang bilis mag himulmol at the back side of the tops :-( Maybe that's why they're cheap.

Pamela Angela said...

sol, i'll buy the other purple cardi from you if you'll let me :D

lelila said...

that's the reason napacart ako haha, it's a hoodie, since rainy season is around the corner, i decided to get it na rin.

guilty as charged hehe.

so cute noh?

i don't think so, you're petite diba!

sure, sure. will let you know pag dumating na. although it'll arrive after a month pa ha.

Pammy said...

Sollie, parang match yung purple cardigan and white top and jeans. :P

And cute yung pink. :D

nikkiz. said...

Petite as in maliit LOL! pero big-boned kaya walang kasya sa aking local na clothes (mga SM, Landmark labels, etc.)

Nikita2471 said...

I'm in the US and my local F21 store doesn't carry the Faith 21 line either. I don't understand how they determine which stores get to carry the line and which don't. Only one store in my state carries it and it's clear across the other side so I have no choice but to order from the website too.


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