Contest Alert: Best Forum Topic (reposting from Team Carnival)

We have a new contest up for all of you and it will be a contest happening at the forum. The winner of this will get one small grey bag organizer, sponsored by Bag2Go.

The Bag-2-Go design aims to provide superior functionality in ORGANIZING your essentials and PROTECTING the interior of your Designer bag. Each pocket was carefully designed and strategically positioned making your things well-kept and easily accessible inside the bag. Bag-2-Go gives your bag more than just additional pockets; It de-clutters the bag making it function at its best every time.

Recommended for...
- Louis Vuitton (Speedy 35 & 40, Neverfull MM, Montorgueil GM),
- Longchamp (Le Pliage - Medium & Large),
- Goyard (St. Louis PM),
... and many more!!!

• Makes bag changing a breeze without leaving anything behind
• Protects your bag lining from dirt & stains
• Organizes your stuff making them easy to find every time
• Comes with a clear zip bag for coins, make-up, medicines, etc.
• Comes with a key holder
• Comes with special pockets for your checkbook, cellphone, digital camera, mp3 player, etc.
• Does not tumble around inside the bag so everything stays in place

The rules to this new contest are very simple. Here's how to join and win this:

1. Post a topic in our forum that is sure to get attention. No holds barred, controversial and HOT!
2. Topic must be in the right category / board
3. Responses must be related to topic. No bump and up posts. Discussion is important!
4. Contest runs for 1 month. The topic with the most responses will be declared winner.

Contest winner will be notified after June 30th.

Incidentally, our last contest's winners will also be sent an email for their contact information. We are mailing you the prizes you've won. Please wait for our confirmation.

Thank you for participating!


I reviewed this bag organizer here. See you at the carmival!

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