Mini nail polish haul (again?!)

Yes, I'm hopeless hehe. A friend asked me to find her a matte top coat. I did, and offered to buy it for her and I ended up buying these (click pic to enlarge and see the label properly) for me! Note to self, feign ignorance when asked where to get a polish or something. LOL!

Opened the box (while at the office), got excited to try the Matte Magic.

Still with "Who the Shrek are You" in my nails, I used China Glaze Matte Magic on top.

And when I got home, I tried CND Effects in Jade Sparrkle. I layered it on my nails (2 coats of OPI, 2 coats of Seche, then China Glaze matte magic, and then CND Effects! Imagine that! Excuse the dry hands!

Wore this polish from Thursday night to Sunday evening. No chipping, just minimal tip wear considering I'm done doing the laundry and a few dishwashing chores!

Got these babies last Thursday. Come Friday, I ended up buying another two polishes. Again, note to self, do not go to Watson's when you're stressed!

And oh, I went somewhere in QC last Wednesday and grabbed two books, simply because I'm impatient to wait for them to be available at our book club and the price is cheap for brand new books at P160 each, beat that! Afaik, brand new pocketbooks retail at around P300 each. At St. Francis Square (near Megamall), a 2nd hand book costs somewhere around P180 (a lot of creases at the sides already) and P200 and up for books in mint condition.

I'm originally a Judith McNaught fan and I love all her books before she ventured into romance/mystery novels. She doesn't write much, which made me read her books more than 10x!!! My favorite, Paradise and Whitney My Love, I read around 15 or 20 times I think... One day, I decided to try other authors (i.e., Johanna Lindsey, love her books too) and when I chanced upon one of Julia Quinn's books (a part of the Bridgerton series) I got hooked and she's one of my favorite writers now!

there's more! although I'm done reading those authored by Johanna Lindsey and Lisa Kleypas. 

me and my polishes, 

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Bec said...

Pretty Edgy looks divine :) Love your addiction (wag mo lang akong hahawahan, haha)! :)

Pammy said...

Sollie, post mo naman nail polish collection mo. :P Nail polish heaven, for sure. ;D

shoutingwind said...

Judit McNaught!!!

Hooked ako dito nung College. Yun lang puro borrowed books.

Nail polish, raket, tv...i don't know how you can still have reading time!

Crystal said...

tuguksh! haha andami mong NP!

Shen said...

omg! i love those books! i use to have so many but i sold it off one by one on ebay.. takes up too much space. now, i just download it. that's why i have a windows capable phone.. ebooks galore. :)

MindyTV said...


Uy ganda nung effect ng matte sa Shrek polish ah!

jenobebs said...

mini nga ito compared sa last haul mo. hehe.

rhaindropz said...

for the first picture.. wow.. so shrek on your nails hee hee.. love it here goes the bookworm (^_^) same tayo, pag like ang story kahit memorize na ang line sige pa din ang basa kahit more than 10x pa hihi

Note: from your polish haul (pictured above) i wanted some swatches of that liquid leather.. im into dark shades as of now.. tutal tagulan naman hehehe (^_^)

nikkiz. said...

dumating na!

ThRiSzHa said...

great hauls!!!


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