NOTD: China Glaze for Audrey

Yes, I'm too late for this polish but as always, better late than never. This is from my crazy haul last week and this is the first polish I tried from the bunch.

For Audrey is a limited edition polish created by China Glaze to honor the timeless fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn. Who doesn't know her right? Her portrayal as Holly Golightly in the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's, is considered to be her most memorable and identifiable role. I've watched the movie years ago, and for the life of me, I can't fully remember the plot. All I can remember is there's a Tiffany store in that movie. Hence this shade although it's not a dead on dupe of the famous Tiffany boxes (and paperbags!). 

with flash

without flash

I love it!!! Even if I already have a few polishes leaning towards this color. 

Can't get hold of this polish? Try Elianto #27 Turquiose as replacement althought it's a bit greener than For Audrey. Or check out The Face Shop Mint, I don't have it yet but based on the pics I saw, it's less blue/teal than this one. Want to splurge and take your love for this shade on to the next level? Get Chanel Nouvelle Vague!!! It's a lovely polish too, same shade as China Glaze For Audrey but with subtle shimmers in it. 

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rhaindropz said...

i have seen so many swatches of this China Glaze for Audrey sa blogspot.. ito ang pinakapopular sa lahat ng China Glaze hehehe (^_^)

lelila said...

yep, mukhang shade of all time din to hehe

shoutingwind said...

now I know the story behind it. LOL!!
Gusto ko na din tuloy sya.

xtinaaj said...

Lovely color! One of my favorites!:)

Nikita2471 said...

Are you sure this is Limited Edition? I think they went ahead and made it a part of the regular line because every time I go to Sally's Beauty, I see it in stock with the regular color collection.

lelila said...

nikita, really? well that's good! unfortunately, there's no China glaze stalls in the department stores here, there's the so-called distributor but it's so hard to buy from them!


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