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I know I've already mentioned here in my blog that I really don't dig matte polishes, they're just not one of my favorites (along with frost). Everytime there's a new matte collection, I almost always say that my wallet is safe since I'm really not a fan. I love them sparkly, bright and glossy not flat and dull as what mostly matte polishes are. But with a lot of variations and shades made on the matte polishes, it's kinda growing on me.

The polish featured in this post has been sitting in my stash for quite some time now, maybe almost half a year, really can't remember. I didn't even buy this! I got this for free in one of my purchases from someone who's trimming her stash (thanks Tine!).

This is again from Orly (told yah, I'm in an Orly kick lately!). Blue Suede is part of the Orly's Matte Couture Collection released around the 3rd quarter of last year.  I believe that t the time this collection was released, almost every brand has their own matte collection already and almost everyone is rocking matte polishes! And maybe it's the reason behind the tagline for this collection - "Because matte is the new black". 

I don't have the other two matte polishes from the same collection but from what I've read from online reviews, this doesn't have the same finish as the black one (which is said to be the most matte from the 3). Not flat matte, but kinda have that satiny/velvet finish, think of salted egg, only in dusty blue shade. What the!?!$! Haha. Sorry for that, I tried to imagine salted eggs in that shade and it's hilarious! Maybe, the Easter Bunny will love it! LOL!

under natural lighting

The formula is a bit too thick for my liking, so I added 3 drops of Seche Vite Restoration Thinner. Blue Suede is opaque in one coat but I used two to cover some uneven application. Lesson learned - when applying matte polish, take your time and don't hurry as it might result to streaky application. Even if matte polishes are known to be 3x faster to dry than regular polishes, they still take a while to dry for you to cover any mistakes. 

with flash

I applied my polish before bedtime, took pics the following morning then wear it matte for half of the day. I put on some topcoat after lunch and here it is:

with topcoat, indoor lighting

I don't know if it's just me, but this polish reminds me of the much raved about MAC Blue India nail polish from the Liberty of London collection. That's why I didn't get that one. When I got my Orly Cotton Candy and Lemonade two weeks ago, I believe I still saw some bottles of Blue Suede from their stall in Watson's Megamall (for Philippine readers only).

Anyway, this post is a bit longer than I usually have but since it's my first time to wear matte, forgive me if I babble too much.

Bottom line, I'm not closing my heart on mattes anymore. Watch out for my metal chic posts anytime this week! Yep, was able to get them before the store launch, yey!

Orly Nail Lacquers and Treatments are available at PCX (First AID Greenbelt, Rockwell, Ermita, Alabang Town Center), Beauty by SM (Makati and Megamall), SM Watson's (Greenbelt and Ayala Cebu), Landmark Trinoma and Casswell & Massey. Nail lacquers are at P349.75 each! 

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ThRiSzHa said...

im not a fan of matte polish either.. i just only have a essie matte top coat.. but sometimes just for a change i love to wear matte polish XD

nikkiz. said...

I have the China Glaze Matte Magic topcoat so I don't often buy matte ones. I prefer shiny, shimmery polishes better.

ozgur said...

i love to wear matte polish

shoutingwind said...

Lel, I love eeeettt!!! Akin na lang kung ayaw mo. Tumatanggap ako ng biyaya. LOL

lelila said...

ThRiSzHa and Nikkiz,

ok ba ang essie and CG matte top coat?


nice to hear that! after all, it all comes down to personal preferences!

ang layo mo naman kase noh! buti sana kung pag ibato ko makakarating sayo. makamatay shipping mo eh haha

ThRiSzHa said...

I havent try the Chg matte magic.. pero the same lang daw sila ng quality sa pag matte-fied ng polish.. I can share some matte top coat kapag dumating na ung another package ko...
paubos na kz ung essie ko hahahha share ko kay shouting out wind & sa friend ko.. but I have another matte top coat coming which is Chg...
my isa akong matte top coat Bb couture ang brand kaso d sya like ng essie & chg sa quality.. parang ginawang milky lang ung polish mo...LOL

sis check to tong link:

Lucy said...

Love matte polish. This is a beautiful shade. You have such pretty nails. Glad you told me this might be a dupe for the MAC. Now I won't be so tempted. Thankfully I have this polish!

Greenpease said...

Matte is now my new lover! I'm now 50/50 with the shiny polishes after I've gone matte.

rhaindropz said...

nice shade (parang prefer ko na dark colors ngayon) hehe

Nikki said...

I just put this polish on my nails today! It's a beautiful color....but I cracked and put a top coat on because I'm not very fond of the matte polish look. Eh, I tried to leave it!


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