NOTD: Zoya Tallulah

Hello blue, we meet again!

I'm not yet done with my Orly adventure but I'm so inlove with two of my recently bought polishes so please indulge me for a while.

One of which is Zoya Tallulah from last year's Zoya's Summer Collection: Ooh-La-La. It's a vibrant medium blue with shimmer that's supposed to be described as metallic but I believe it's not. It's super gorgeous on the bottle and still as gorgeous on my nails! If I look closely on my nails now, I see a hint of blue green shimmer. As much as I would like to tell you to do the same, my rusty digicam wasn't able to capture that blue green shimmer. =(

This is my only bright Zoya polish (mostly are dark shades) and I'm tempted to add more! Application is a dream although you can't tell from the pics since the sides are not clean haha. It's actually my fault because I did my nails around 5 in the morning when I fully know that I need to get up before 8:00 am so I can be at the office at 9. So yeah, I was in a hurry to apply it on my nails hence the messy sides.

Zoya has a lot of interesting colors in every collection and I like the fact that all their polishes are free from Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP (a.ka. the Big 3) and other harmful ingredients. Even pregnant women can use this brand without them worrying about harming their unborn babies! 

One thing I like more about Zoya is that I find their bottles "sexy". Haha. I don't know why but if I am to choose from all of my polishes which brand I want to be in front if I have to display them, it would be Zoya.

Anyway, I've yet to find a perfect top and base-coat-combo to use for all my Zoya polishes, I've heard about Zoya's Color Lock System but I'm still not ready to pay for the price of the complete kit. Using my on hand top and base coats, Zoya's staying power leaves something to be desired. After I took a bath this morning, I found tip wear and some chipping already! As expected I arrived late at the office since I fixed my polish before I left the house. 

Although to be honest, staying power isn't a big issue to me since I change my polish almost every night (or morning hehe). Overall, Zoya's still a good buy for me. In fact I'm waiting for 6 more Zoya polishes by next week.

Zoya's not available in our local stores but the good thing is Organic Rituals Spa is selling them. Click the link to be redirected to their Facebook account to know their location (somewhere in Greenhills) and contact number, look for Nikki, she's so nice and goes out of her way to serve her clients. They are holding a pre-order for Zoya polishes now, unfortunately, my post is a bit late because the deadline for ordering is TODAY! Sorry for that! But try asking Nikki, maybe she can still include your orders, no harm in trying right? Also, I believe she has some on hand stocks as well.

Another option is pinkbelle's multiply site! She has a wide selection of on hand Zoya polishes now and also accepts pre order for Zoya as well as other brands like OPI, China Glaze, etc.

PS. Please ignore the typo errors on the pics, it should be Tallulah instead of Talullah. yikes lol! 

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shoutingwind said...

Maganda... maganda nga ang pagkaka shoot. :D

Bec said...

Winner to Sol! Love it! :)

lelila said...

She, gawin mo rin haha.

Bec, super ganda haha.

nikkiz. said...

I've read in a blog that to make Zoya last, you have to use their own Zoya Lock System or other B3F base and top coats. Also the topcoat must not be too quick dry like Color Club 0-60 (which is now in my cart, LOL!). Non B3F react with Zoya and makes it peel off. I have the Zoya Lock System and it does make Zoya last BUT it makes my polish bubble :-(

ThRiSzHa said...

this BLUE-Ti-FUL!! hahahaha!! I've known someone who loves blue polish and ur the 2nd person i've known... love it!! looking forward for ur other zoya swatches

王周宏儒 said...

Some people cannot see the wood for the trees. ............................................................


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