Orly's New Collection for Fall 2010

Pardon me but I've been having an Orly kick since Friday! I've been wearing nothing but Orly on my nails for almost a week! Will show you two more NOTD's in my future post, I just want to share you the good news. What else, but the upcoming collections by Orly, and as early as now, I think I'm gonna get them all!

First, the Orly Plastix Collection (available in July 2010)

What Orly has to say about this:
ORLY, the company that continually pioneers the Nail Lacquer arena with the most cutting edge colors, technology and textures, introduces the Plastix Collection. Complementing the Fall 2010 runway looks that featured bright neon colors amid shiny black plastic, latex, and rubber reinventions of vintage must-haves, Plastix evokes the vintage classic trend with four new lacquers and a unique new formula that coats the nails with a smooth glossy matte “plastic” finishThe exclusive finish and texture is a first in the nail category, delivering a monochromatic, shiny and rubbery look that takes experimentation to an entirely new level, with the focus being on both the distinctive nail surface, as well as the latest in color trends. The unique look can not be achieved with color alone as the finish is a must for recreating the true “plastic” statement.
From left to right: Viridian Vinyl (glossy blue-green, reminds me of It's up to bleu!), Purple Pleather (shiny purple), Old School Orange (classic orange) and Retro Red (traditional red).

and the other one, Orly Cosmix Collection (September 2010)

 Again, from Orly
ORLY introduces its latest addition to its portfolio of textured finishes with Cosmic FX. The new, limited-edition collection delivers multi-dimensional flashes of intense shimmering shine that is so electrifying your nails will explode with color! This lighting phenomenon is achieved by ORLY’s exclusive MINERAL FX technology.
The innovation infuses natural rock minerals, crystals, and glass to give nails a special optical effect with extreme luster, rich pearlescence, and a smooth, sparkling spectrum of concentrated color.
The MINERALFX technology includes specialty mica, that allows for a clearer, vibrantly bright lustrous shimmer. Crystals allow for a multi-dimensional color transformation. Glass particles carefully controlled in shape and size create a luminous phenomenon. This combination infused with the Silica and specific colors selected create this exclusive technology that gives nails a unique optical effect that’s magnified as the lighting source intensifies or viewing angle changes.
What's included:

Lunar Eclipse - Blue with pink purple FX
Galaxy Girl - Purple with blue green FX
It's Not Rocket Science - Green with gold blue FX
Space Cadet - Green with purple gold FX
Halley's Comet - Turquoise with green yellow FX
Out of This World - Purple with pink silver FX

Mostly purples and blues, are you kidding me?!! Of course I need to get them! Well, after the Metal Chic of course hehe. This girl got to work first before she can afford hoarding all of these beauties! One collection at a time. =)

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jenobebs said...

they all look lovely! sad to say im only going to stare at them. they're beyond my price range :(

Tami said...

In September I will be stalking my Sally's. I think I am in love.

lelila said...


good for you, you're in the US, you guys always get the good stuff first haha.


don't fret. someday you'll be able to splurge on Orly polishes. At the moment, take a look at our local brands, when I'm at watson's I noticed that they're more adventurous with colors now unlike before. You may also check out The Face Shop and Elianto, I highly recommend the latter. =)

angelamhiere said...

i go with jenobebs... but i'll try to purchase some polishes like these next time... ^__^

Yeah, Tami and people in the states are really lucky because they can get stuff like make-up and nail polishes quickly... ^__^

Chanel Craves said...

Love these nail polishes! Great blog.


ThRiSzHa said...

sis.. I've seen an orly stall in robinson's ermita the polish is around 345 then ung mga nail treatment nila is around 400-600


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