Sending funds from Paypal to Gcash???

If you're a regular online shopper, I'm sure you've already heard about Gcash. And you're probably aware that Gcash is a shopaholic's (online) bestfriend!!!

Saw a multiply seller's post update yesterday announcing that they're now accepting Paypal payments via Gcash. When I read that, I was a bit skeptical because I received an infotext last week from Globe about this new feature, BUT it was mentioned that the facility is open for Paypal-US registered accounts only.

Upon reading the seller's post, I thought maybe it was just my imagination, that US-Paypal thingie (can't verify since I already deleted the said text), after all, I know that seller (bought from her twice) and she's known for her superb customer service, everything organized, and always up to date.

Of course I got excited about this, coz finally, I can accept Paypal payments too for my online store! I always receive inquiries from prospective buyers if I accept Paypal payments. I would always answer "no" or "not yet" just because I don't know how will I encash it or what are the charges involves.

Another advantage of this news is that if ever I'm out of Gcash fund (I'm a chronic online shopper too just like you! or maybe not hehe), I can easily replenish my Gcash wallet without the need to go to a Globe business center!

Okay, to verify the info, I opened my browser to access

And here's what greeted me: (click pics to enlarge)

Wow! It's true then!

My curiosity didn't end there though. I had to check, you know! Haha!

I tried sending to my own Gcash number.

Click "checkout by Paypal" and you'll be directed to Paypal login page.

Still excited, my heart's pumping really fast! 

Click "continue"....


Uh-oh! Just what I thought! 

What a let down you know! I hope Globe offers this facility to local Paypal users too! Please Globe? You always say that you make great things possible, so please make it possible for us to use this facility too! 

Anyway, for those fortunate enough to have a US-based Paypal account, click here for more info about this service. To know more about Gcash, click here

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ThRiSzHa said...

this is a great news..i dont have paypal accnt. thats why I cant order international online E-shops...thanks for sharing this to us!!

rhaindropz said...

thanks for the info =)

hugs and kisses

lelila said...


you have US-registered Paypal? lucky you!

rhaindropz, no prob =)

Khymm (Shopcoholic) said...

awws.. di pa pala pwede! =(

Gel said...

I had the same experience. Super excited pa naman kasi I want to be able to take care of my ebay purchases myself. Hassle kasi mang-abala ng relatives. Hope they fix it soon :)

Mara said...

Grabe... ayun na e... building up tapos... wenk.. let down. SAD.

Lipstickaddict said...

Thanks SOl for the info! :)

Lady E said...

Sayang! I got excited too until I saw the end of your post! =(

rhaindropz said...

sana pede din sa smart nawala globe sim ko eh huhu

kung alam ko lang to nuon pa hehehe

lelila said...

hi rhain,

dont worry, you're not missing anything. di pa rin sya available sa globe. pang international lang


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