A Sneak peek at Forever21

Was bloghopping this afternoon and thrilled to see that some bloggers posted sneak peek photos of the much buzzed about Forever21 franchise here!

I asked Jenni Eperson's permission to repost the pics here and she said yes, so nice of her! You should check her blog too!

So chic! Unfortunately, I'm on the heavier side so I'm not excited with the clothes, accessories will do hehe.

Love the chandelier!!!


Read from F21's tweets that basic shirts start at P185 and up and dresses for as low as P585, nothing over P2,000. How cool is that!

Stats from chuvaness.com (told you I'm blog hopping haha)
- 2,700 sqm
- 34 fitting rooms
- 60 sales assistants
- 17 cashiers
- 91 total staff, including management

I'm a bit dissapointed though, since they don't have the Faith21 line yet (for sexxxy girls like me haha), I asked them via twitter and they confirmed they don't have it yet. Please bring it soon!!!

Quoting from chuvaness.com:

"Besides the basics, the Megamall flagship will carry the Forever21 sub brands called Heritage, which has the vintage/indie/collegiate theme; a higher-end line called Twelve by Twelve or a Gossip Girl-ish line designed by Forever21's twelve house designers. Love21, a classic, contemporary line for the working woman and 21Men, for the unforgotten shopper"

Heard they'll be bringing the kids line (Htg81) next.

For updates, add up Forever21 Phils at facebook and forever21ph on twitter. See you at the opening on July 2! A P200 voucher will be given to the first 250 peeps to line up at the entrance.


jenobebs said...

so yung Forever 21 dati na HipCulture n ngaun e hindi totoong Forever 21??

lelila said...

yep, that's japeyk!

rhaindropz said...

so here it goes!!! open na sya!!!eeek

rhaindropz said...

@jenobebs naguluhan ako.. hehehe

lelila said...


meron kase dating shop named forever21, pero it's fake, kaya when it was confirmed na dadating na the real f21, they were forced to change their name, to hipculture nga.

rhaindropz said...

@lelila ay ganun? buti di sila nademanda ng totoong f21

Mia said...

I hope SM won't jack up the prices! Asa! hahaha! :D

lelila said...


if you've read the entire post, nothing more than 2k, including shoes and bags and clothes, so i believe, they didn't jack up the prices =)

Mia said...

Oh sorry I didn't see that part.. thanks! :)

Peachy-Pink Sisters said...

Sounds exciting! Thank you for your post, nakakaexcite :)

jenobebs said...

local lang b yung dating Forever21 na Hipculture n ngaun? kc i remember pumasok ako sa store nla dati (few years back na) and their prices are a bit steep compared sa Kamiseta, Bayo and the likes. So I was thinking na mahal kc yun ung international n brand. yung pala fake. Imagine, yung mga tao who have thought that store to be the real F21. so sad.

anyway, naeexcite ako sa store opening! money out na naman to. yay!

Kinney said...

ooh. I'm soo excited as well! i wonder though when the opening is? :D

lelila said...

hi kinney, sorry about that, edited my post already, it's on Friday, July 2!


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