Urban Decay Book of Shadows III

Presenting the third installment for Urban Decay's Book of Shadows.

Sorry for those who love the design but for me, the packaging looks blah. If the shadows inside the palette are the same ones from the Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows or from BOS II, I'm sure to pass up! Honestly, I bought the Alice palette because of the cute packaging, would you believe, I haven't used mine yet? It's still boxed up to now hehe.

BUT,  if they'll put on some matte eyeshadows, I might ignore the not-so-cute packaging and still buy it.

Although I'm a bit confused, there's BOS 1 and 2 right? so the Alice in Wonderland is not considered part of the BOS line? Because it's limited edition? Aren't they all limited edition?

I already have the last two, I'm not yet a makeup addict when BOS 1 was released.

Update: Saw Temptalia's post update about this that Urban Decay requested her to removed the image. Hmmm, why oh why? Maybe they'll change the packaging haha. 

For those who missed the Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows and you want to burn some of your extra money (haha), Urban Decay's offering them again for a limited time (read somewhere they only have 49 left), unfortunately, they bundled it with their other products and is now selling for a hefty $211!!! Check it out here

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Crystal said...

you're right sana may matte e/s, but AFAIK wala atang matte e/s ang UD.

Khymm (Shopcoholic) said...

i dont one! lol.. gusto ko yung Alice pero i find it expensive hehe

lelila said...

cute yung alice, kaya nga di ko magalaw galaw eh haha

crystal, meron silang matte, mga singles nga lang, never ata nagkaroon sa palette


Lucy said...

I also wish they would have a matte collection. I think they do repeat some of the shades. I have the Alice collection. I believe I only have one BOS. I might order the third.

lelila said...

lucy, is there any online petition for that? for them to release an all-matte palette?! I will gladly join one haha

rhaindropz said...

havent owned any BOS (^_^) may kamahalan kasi hehe..


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