Express post 'bout my express shopping at Forever21!

Saw F21's post yesterday at facebook that a new line has arrived. I'm crossing my fingers it will be the Faith 21 line. Well, maybe I am a good girl because the shopping Gods finally answered my prayer! Faith 21 items were already on display since yesterday afternoon and we went there today at lunchbreak. We don't have much time to spent so I just browse the clothes at the rack, picked 3 and tried them on the fitting room. I thought of not fitting them anymore since I already knew my size but since I'm already there and there's no queue at the fitting room, why not! As expected, they fit me perfectly, I just find that some of the fabrics are too sheer than what I thought when I saw them on the website. I checked the items I got online if they're still there, but two of the 3 tops I bought were no longer available online. Here's one that still available online:

The other item I bought is a knitted see through cardigan type of blouse, ok for use in the office, over a tanktop and paired with a slacks. I also got a cocktail ring, will post pic later when I get my digicam. 

Other styles I saw there that are still up online:

Finally, I have another go-to store for clothes aside from Marks and Spencer! 

SeXXXy ladies out there, have fun shopping!!!

French Manicure with a twist! YSL inspired

Remember this post about YSL Fall 2010 Manicure Couture? Can't get over the pics I saw especially this one:

I checked my stash if I have anything I can use to replicate this and found OPI Lincoln Park After Dark And China Glaze 2030, both still untried. 

I know I can't do a decent french manicure so I had to visit my favorite nail salon located at Robinson's Galleria, Luxe Nail Lounge. Jing, my regular nail tech for manicure (I prefer Fraida for my pedi), was surprised when I told her I want a French mani but I will be using these 2 shades. the other nail techs got intrigued and check my polishes and gush how pretty China Glaze 2030 is. 

Here's what we came up with (WE huh?!? as if I did something other than sleeping in the comfy couch LOL)

China Glaze 2030

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

with flash

just because I can't stop taking pictures of them!

and here's my pathetic attempt at copying the promo pics of YSL hahahaha!

The pic was blurry because I was laughing too hard while P was trying to take the pic and Pampam's being her usual self, playfully biting my left ear!!!! LOL!

I'll do the turquoise and blue next time! When I went to Flawless facial center after my mani, the staff at Flawless can't help but ask what I used for my manicure and where I had it done. I refer them to Luxe Lounge but informed them that I brought my own polishes so they might not be able to copy my mani since Luxe doesn't have them.

China Glaze 2030 is LOVE! It's from China Glaze's Khrome collection and I think this is a must have, especially if you love Konad (I've yet to try konad but I already love this polish!). And for Lincoln Park After Dark, it wouldn't be an all time favorite by nail polish aficionados for nothing, it's just plain lovely and sexy!

Monday Rant and Raves

How's your weekend ladies? Mine's pretty good, stayed at home for most of the day but P and I went out on 2 consecutive evenings to watch movies. 

Last Saturday, we're supposed to watch Inception or The Last Airbender but we were surprised to see that tickets for both movies were already sold out! It's not a payday weekend so we weren't expecting a lot of people at the cinema but there they are! We ended up watching The Sorcerer's Apprentice instead, which turned out to be a feel good movie! I really enjoyed it and I was laughing my heart out while watching. Didn't bother to suppress my laughter since we don't have anyone near our seats. Maybe everyone's watching Inception and The Last Air Bender. Highly recommend this one! 

Yesterday, I visited Luxe Lounge again for a manicure and went to Flawless afterwards for a much needed facial. But before that, I bought tickets for Inception (last full show), just to be sure! 

And I regret that! Choosing Inception over The Last Air Bender haha. My head aches so much during the first half of the movie trying to fully grasp the concept. Well, maybe because I'm not really a fan of mind-boggling movies, even tv series, I stopped watching LOST after season 3 you know haha. 

Anyway, speaking of tv series, Team Carnival's topic for this week is about people you want to see less in TV (or off TV). I have a couple of actors and actresses that I wish to see less on TV, both local and US TVbut for now, I'll just post the top 2 on my mind! 

First, Mohinder Suresh of Heroes

I don't like him in Heroes, and I certainly don't like him in Covert Affairs, got dissapointed when I saw him in 2nd episode arghh! I don't know why I don't like him, I just don't LOL. 

Willie Revillame:

Do I need to tell you why? He's irritating! He's a user, he exploits the misery and unfortunate life conditions of the people on his shows, and here I thought Wowowee is a game show? I don't like drama on a noontime show! I reserve them for evening TV series! 

Willie acts like he owns the network. He's rude with his staff and to the dancers of his show. I don't know why the "masa" loves him, unfortunately they were blinded by his "charming" ways. But for those who can see through his facade, he's just the perfect epitome of arrogance.  Wish ABS-CBN won't allow him to return to Wowowee! 

How about you? Do you have a list of actors and actresses you want to see less in TV? And do you think we should watch The Last Air Bender next week? Is it good? 

Sorry if I have to rant on the first day of the week LOL! 

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Nuffnang and HEAVEN Ice Cream invite you to a special screening of ‘SALT’

I don't normally repost blog contests since I'm too lazy, but this one I will because I really want to watch SALT and I love Angelina Jolie! 

Divine ice cream pleasure is HEAVEN Ice Cream.

    Give in to the richest, smoothest, and creamiest by NESTLÉ Ice Cream. Revel in the exquisite goodness of its four sophisticated flavors---Belgian Chocolate Bliss, Strawberry Dream, Vanilla Almond Secret and Butter Pecan Obsession. HEAVEN Ice Cream is made with only the finest ingredients and contains no artificial food colors. Available in 800mL(Php 175) & 450mL(Php 115) tubs across supermarkets, groceries, and convenience stores nationwide.

Details on how to get an invite can be found here 

Wish I made it! Although I think I'm too late =(
Received the mail late!

Just another giveaway

For Philippine readers only sorry =(

Check the details on how to win this, here

Happy weekend everyone! 

Metro Magazine's boo-boo!

Have you seen Metro Magazine's July Issue?

If you have a copy, did you notice their boo-boo at one of the pages?

No, not about Angelica.

Turn to page 120 to see what I'm talking about.
Here's what you will see (click all pics to enlarge):

Zooming in item no. 5

Check out description below for item no. 5, MAC 187, highlighted text.

Let me retype it for easier read:

"Eye shadow, no matter how pretty, won't look done unless blended properly. For this feat, you will need the MAC 187 brush, a soft rounded brush that fits perfectly in the crease of your eyelids."

Whose eye makeup are they doing?

Just kidding! Haha!

Either they got the correct item photographed and its name but with wrong description or the other way around, right description, wrong item and name? Which is which? Either way, I believe the description should have been for MAC 217:

MAC 187 is usually used for foundation and blushes, at least on my case =)

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NOTD: MAC Blue India

I know I've raved about Chanel's staying power on my nails yesterday. Apparently, not even Chanel can withstand a whole night of cleaning and doing the laundry. Sunday night is my laundry sched for curtains, bedsheets and towels, I had no choice but to put my faith to Chanel. The nails on my left hand were able to withhold the torture (yey!), but the nails on the right didn't (yay!)

So I changed my mani before sleeping at around 4am. Yes, I'm a nocturnal girl LOL!

I'm already sleepy then so I need to use a polish that applies like a dream. Then I remembered MAC Blue India. When I quickly swatched it last week, I never had any problem, MAC Blue India it is! 

Blue India is from the London Liberty Collection of MAC released this year. On me, it looks like a blue gray creme, reminds me of an old denim I used to wear in college. .  As mentioned in my past entries, didn't initially plan to buy this since the color doesn't appeal to me that much. 

But now that I'm wearing it, the shade kinda grew on me. Not something that will WOW you the instant you saw it but it's nice on it's own right. Add to that the cute packaging. And the fact that this is my first MAC polish. 

How about you, what are you wearing on your nails now?

Polish and love,

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YSL Fall 2010 Manicure Couture is love!

I'm not fond of French tip manicure. First, I don't know how, I find it hard to do by myself, second, it doesn't feel like me. It's dainty looking, and I'm far from being one. 

But this kind of French tip, I LOVE!

This is YSL Fall 2010 Manicure Couture collection titled as Rock and Baroque. This collection includes a series of nail polishes that will be sold in duo's. The polishes in the collection is meant to create an edgy French manicure with striking color combinations. 

Belle de Nuit (Plum and Gold)

Belle de Jour (Turquoise and Purple)

Rive Gauche (Orange and Fushia)

Y-Cone (Pink and White)

I want everything except the white and pink!!! This collection will be released in August 2010. 

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