Barbie talk again

Hey guys! Thanks for all your support and comforting words regarding my Barbie palette. I'm ok now, she's ok too. Yep, Barbie's still here with me! 

After what happened, I remember I have these Stila refills. 

From the Ulta-mate set I bought last year from


I put wheat, golightly and mystic in the palette plus the sole survivor. Kitten e/s from the Ultamate kit  already has her own case which I bought for around P200 from Rustan's months ago. I'll try not to drop her again!

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~tHiAmErE~ said...

you were able to do something about it again!

how fun!
it's nice when palettes can just be refilled easily,ne?

now you really have to be extra careful in handling it!

ThRiSzHa said...

im glad that u able to fix ur palettes..just be careful next time!!!

Pammy said...

Yey! Glad you can use Barbie again. :P

louise said...

yey! barbie lives! :P hehehe

Shen said...

congratulations!! :) nice that barbie's up and about again!!

Askmewhats said...

ohh I have the same Stila set too!!!! I put them in my Elianto Palette, glad you were able to do something to relive Barbie Talking palette again *hugs hugs*

rhaindropz said...

oooh!!! lovely.. it just look like it was new again (^_^)

pfefi said...

Yay! (: Definitely the most glam custom compact I've seen! Lol esp coming from someone who just ordered an empty ELF one. :P


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