Express post 'bout my express shopping at Forever21!

Saw F21's post yesterday at facebook that a new line has arrived. I'm crossing my fingers it will be the Faith 21 line. Well, maybe I am a good girl because the shopping Gods finally answered my prayer! Faith 21 items were already on display since yesterday afternoon and we went there today at lunchbreak. We don't have much time to spent so I just browse the clothes at the rack, picked 3 and tried them on the fitting room. I thought of not fitting them anymore since I already knew my size but since I'm already there and there's no queue at the fitting room, why not! As expected, they fit me perfectly, I just find that some of the fabrics are too sheer than what I thought when I saw them on the website. I checked the items I got online if they're still there, but two of the 3 tops I bought were no longer available online. Here's one that still available online:

The other item I bought is a knitted see through cardigan type of blouse, ok for use in the office, over a tanktop and paired with a slacks. I also got a cocktail ring, will post pic later when I get my digicam. 

Other styles I saw there that are still up online:

Finally, I have another go-to store for clothes aside from Marks and Spencer! 

SeXXXy ladies out there, have fun shopping!!!


~tHiAmErE~ said...

finally! i now have a reason to drop by at Forever 21. You know i really didn't go there much as i want to for i hate it when i see something i want that doesn't fit me.

im sooooo happy!

traciethediva said...

Pa-epal! When I saw in their FB page that they already have Faith 21, naicip kita kse I know that you were hoping that they also bring it here.. (halata na blog-stalker moko..=P)Anyway, lucky you that you already checked it out! Hope there's still plenty left for me..=D

Belle said...

sis around how much yung range ng faith 21. i really have no idea. :D

Shen said...

prayers do come true!! :)

kach said...

Hello! I also have problems looking for clothes, but I'm not limited to M&S. Try to check Dorothy Perkins and Debehams (3rd?4th floor of Rustans Glorietta), they also offer big sizes.


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