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I meant to post about my hair rebonding months ago, but I always keep forgetting about it. Tonight, someone asked me where I had mine and I remember I received the same question a few times before. 

I used to have a normal, straight, shiny, healthy hair and I love it, I love the fact that I don't need a hair conditioner just to make it look and feel smooth. One thing I don't like is that my hair is too thick! I can't even use a hair clip before without taking that thing in the middle and we're talking about half-pony tail like this. Whenever I go to salons, I always keep hearing the hair stylist/assistant complaining how thick my hair is whenever they have to blow it dry (I.m not supposed to hear them actually).

Then, hair relax became the "in" thing some 7 years ago. Most of my colleagues at the auditing firm where I work, who have problematic hair opted to have their hair relax. And when I saw results in them, I envy how flat their hair are (sorry, back then, I thought flat is nice, duh! ). So, even if I don't have a problem with my hair, except for its extraordinary thickness, I had mine "relaxed" too. And that's one of the biggest mistakes I made in my life, beauty wise (err?).

I had it done at a local salon in Cavite near our office, where most of my colleagues went to. The stylist burned my scalp, he's too busy chatting with the other stylist and forgot about me, the solution stayed longer in my hair than it should. And the rest is history. I got the flatness I wanted, and in return, my hair become brittle, stiff and lifeless. I was advised to have it treated on another salon, hot oil or some other treatment I can't remember. Unfortunately, at that time, I can't afford another salon treatment so I had to do what I can -- DIY. I bought hair treatments from SM (I believe it's not Watson's yet but Health and Beauty by SM) and apply it on myself, sometimes I ask for my mom's help. Little by little, the damage done to my hair become less apparent, but my hair was never the same. It became curly and "buhaghag" and more prone to hair fall and breakage. . 

Fast forward to 2006, I read about hair rebonding from a forum I frequent. Unfortunately again, it's more expensive than what I thought. And then there's a few girls raving about a home rebonding session being done by a fellow member of the said forum. From the post, it was said that it will cost me Php3,000, much much lower than what salons usually charge.I saved up and scheduled my session. And I'm very satisfied, to the point that I never asked someone to do my hair other than him, Qtben. My most recent one was around February I think.

Here's Qtben's masterpiece (my hair haha):

I really like how he do it. I think the term is soft rebond. Straight but not sleek straight, it looks more natural. He may not use imported/branded chemicals, but I really like the end result. And another thing, the rate is still the same! As much as I want to post the before pic, I can't. It's just plain horrible.

To check out some of his work, visit his multiply site. I'm seriously wowed by this (pic taken from his site):

He can do magic!


Picture of my hair was taken thru my digicam with flash. Cropped and blurred the background since the dishes are still on the table and my bra straps are showing hehe. No other photo enhancement done. 

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Elsa said...

oo nga, parang natural lang hindi yung mukhang rebonded talaga na super staight at pwede na makatusok ng mata ehhehe! thanks for sharing


Great looking hair! :) Do you get it retouched every 6 months?

lelila said...

Elsa, nice noh!

Peachy Pink, hi sis, no! haha. I'm such a cheapskate when it comes to my hair, I think it took me 1.5 years before i had it again. hehe.

ThRiSzHa said...

its nice...

Askmewhats said...

Nice hair, and it doesn't look dry and uber straight

rhaindropz said...

fab!!! sana gnayan din ang hair ko.. huhu..

i have curly/wavy and brown hair

Rose Martinez said...

nice hair...check ko nga info niya..

Camille(SHOBE) said...

nice..never pa ako nagparebond na ganyan ka pino,it looks natural nga and healthy!

Greenpease said...

I saw some of our friends from GT also had their crowning glory rebonded by ben. He's really good. =)

qt_ben17 said...

Hi sis!

Ngayon ko lang nakita `tong post mo. 2nd or 3rd testi mo na ata `to sakin. I really appreciate it sis. Thanks much, nakakataba ng heart to read all the good reviews. Take good care of it ha, ang 9-hour masterpiece! LOL :D


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