Monday Rant and Raves

How's your weekend ladies? Mine's pretty good, stayed at home for most of the day but P and I went out on 2 consecutive evenings to watch movies. 

Last Saturday, we're supposed to watch Inception or The Last Airbender but we were surprised to see that tickets for both movies were already sold out! It's not a payday weekend so we weren't expecting a lot of people at the cinema but there they are! We ended up watching The Sorcerer's Apprentice instead, which turned out to be a feel good movie! I really enjoyed it and I was laughing my heart out while watching. Didn't bother to suppress my laughter since we don't have anyone near our seats. Maybe everyone's watching Inception and The Last Air Bender. Highly recommend this one! 

Yesterday, I visited Luxe Lounge again for a manicure and went to Flawless afterwards for a much needed facial. But before that, I bought tickets for Inception (last full show), just to be sure! 

And I regret that! Choosing Inception over The Last Air Bender haha. My head aches so much during the first half of the movie trying to fully grasp the concept. Well, maybe because I'm not really a fan of mind-boggling movies, even tv series, I stopped watching LOST after season 3 you know haha. 

Anyway, speaking of tv series, Team Carnival's topic for this week is about people you want to see less in TV (or off TV). I have a couple of actors and actresses that I wish to see less on TV, both local and US TVbut for now, I'll just post the top 2 on my mind! 

First, Mohinder Suresh of Heroes

I don't like him in Heroes, and I certainly don't like him in Covert Affairs, got dissapointed when I saw him in 2nd episode arghh! I don't know why I don't like him, I just don't LOL. 

Willie Revillame:

Do I need to tell you why? He's irritating! He's a user, he exploits the misery and unfortunate life conditions of the people on his shows, and here I thought Wowowee is a game show? I don't like drama on a noontime show! I reserve them for evening TV series! 

Willie acts like he owns the network. He's rude with his staff and to the dancers of his show. I don't know why the "masa" loves him, unfortunately they were blinded by his "charming" ways. But for those who can see through his facade, he's just the perfect epitome of arrogance.  Wish ABS-CBN won't allow him to return to Wowowee! 

How about you? Do you have a list of actors and actresses you want to see less in TV? And do you think we should watch The Last Air Bender next week? Is it good? 

Sorry if I have to rant on the first day of the week LOL! 

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MindyTV said...

Nope. Basura daw ang Last Air Bender. Di ko pa napapanood pero lahat ng kilala ko na naka-watch na says pangit daw. Parang nanonood ka lang ng hi-tech na sayawan.

Mara said...

A lot of people said The Last Airbender sucks with all the awkward silences and shizz, so your Inception call wasn't bad! :D

Camille(SHOBE) said...

im going to watch inception cause ive heard that its really good

i dont like willie as well,i Dont want to see him on wowowee na,kasi everything you wrote is true,he acts as if he owns the network,bastos,mayabang,lahat lahat na.hehe.obvious na ayaw ko sakanya talaga..

rhaindropz said...

last saturday i was a little bored.. went to SM muntinlupa, used the MyraE 50% discount coupon, bought Myra Vita Glow in Ivory.. then watched The Last Airbender.. you better watched it (^_^) next on my movie to watch: "SALT" *wink wink*

shoutingwind said...

Last Air Bender is bitin, may mga kasunod pa ata yun. Di ko tinapos panoorin.

Inception, I think I'll enjoy.

NeuroChiq said...

Wow, at least I know na I shouldn't watch Last Air Bender. Inception I want, but I'm exhausted with work recently, so I don't know if I still have energy for mind-boggling movie, want something light and entertaining. I'll take your advise on The Sorcerer's. =)

And I hate Willie too, of all the things you said about him, pinaka-yes sa "using unfortunate people"...

And Marian Rivera, especially when she's dancing ala Marimar all the time. Sorry!

lelila said...

mindy, talaga. hmm sige, SALT na lang, LOL.

mara, tahimik din tao sa Inception haha! need ng concentration eh!

cam, same tayo ayaw ko talaga sa kanya.

rhain, i want to watch SALT din!

she, sige i will convince P na wag na lang haha.

Dang, medyo need magconcentrate sa inception pero maganda sya once you get the plot. awww, i like marian eh haha. i dont like her fans though LOL. yung mga nang aaway hayz.

fabulousinay said...

i also watched inception yesterday. my head was battling between that and sorcerer's apprentice. but i was swayed by the hype of inception. turns out na nose bleed ako sa inception. lol. ^_^

Lloyda said...

ah heard that the last airbender is not worth watching. inception for the win! totally love it!!!

oh, can i just say i hate willie too! i cannot stand him!

lornadahl said...

Mas maraming rants sa "The Last Airbender" among my friends, pero meron din namang kakaunting satisfied viewers. :D

Grabe, I still can't get "Inception" out of my head. I woke up with an idea the following day and I'm really pointing fingers for that. Ambisyosa! Hahaha!

I couldn't agree more about Willie Revillame. Pulbusin na 'yaaaan!

dramaramas said...

bf and i want to watched inception..:)

we've already watched sorcerer's and last airbender.. funny and saya ng sorcerer's apprentice, yung last airbender ok naman kaso bitin. book one lang kasi yung nasa sinehan. as far as i know 4 books yun and kakabitin.. pero maganda naman. may mga friends din naman ako nagandahan merong hindi. parang ang bilis kasi ng kwento.hehe

Belle said...

hay ako din.super hate ko si willie. he loves to make fun of people. their statuses in life, their diction, as if naman ang galing nya. well.. he learned his lesson the hard way.
sana matuto na talaga sya.
glad to not see him on noontime shows na. though i'm such an eat bulaga fan.


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