NOTD: Chanel Nouvelle Vague

I believe, somewhere in this blog, I said (with conviction) that I will never ever buy a Chanel polish! 

Well, I ate my words and got my self one last month! I'm into summer colors as you know so I was not able to resist Nouvelle Vague! Many bloggers and youtube gurus said that if I already have China Glaze For Audrey, I can skip Nouvelle Vague. I don't have For Audrey at that time so I said, why not! Although I'm aware that I'm waiting for my own bottle of CG For Audrey from the mail, but of course, I told no one. After all, no one told me that if I already have Chanel Nouvelle Vague, I should skip For Audrey! LOL

I know I will not be able to afford Chanel bags so I just content my self in buying their polish. Not a very reasonable excuse, I know haha. 

under fluorescent lighting:

natural light

Yes, I had it done to my favorite nail salon,  Went there with my sis, it's been a while when we last go out together. She had footspa and manicure, I had the Heavenly Luxe Pedi and Basic Manicure. I love the foot spa (included in my Heavenly Luxe Pedi) although I find the scrubbing a bit faster than it should be. But still, I love Luxe. Good thing I'm just steps away from them, just have to get my lazy butt off the bed LOL!

Here's our sleepy pictures while enjoying the footspa.
For rates, please check my post here

Funny story though, before going there, I know that they have few stocks of nail polish in their salon (their stocks I believe are still in transit) so I made sure I brought some, I think I have 10 polishes on my bag plus a top coat! When I handed my Chanel polish to my nail tech, she says they don't have that shade yet and it's so pretty and then she proceed on applying the polish. After she's done applying them on my nails (I requested for 3 coats), she was gone for a while. When she came back, she told me, "Sorry ma'm, I have to look for our nicest top coat, I don't want to use other brands of top coat on your Chanel polish". Haha. May ganun?!
Biased much? LOL! And turned out she has Seche Vite Top Coat with her. Finally, I've found one salon with Seche Vite top coat! Yey! Although you may have to ask for this, since the nail technicians share them with each other. Hehe. 

And as for the Chanel polish, I don't regret buying it! It doesn't chip even after I did my laundry last night. There's a minimal tipwear but not so noticeable! I'm impressed! Well, I should be right? It's 3 to 4x the cost of an OPI bottle hehe. I compared it with CG For Audrey and I prefer this, I love the subtle shimmers over the creme finish of For Audrey. 

And I'm now 9 stamps away for a free treatment! Will be back in two weeks, hopefully!


Pamela Angela said...

i wanna try luxe soon! :D and yay for nouvelle vague!

lelila said...

try mo! super love Luxe!

MindyTV said...

Uy danda danda nga! Pikit mata na lang sa pagbayad. Hahah!

ThRiSzHa said...

wow!! that looks so pretty on u..


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