NOTD: MAC Blue India

I know I've raved about Chanel's staying power on my nails yesterday. Apparently, not even Chanel can withstand a whole night of cleaning and doing the laundry. Sunday night is my laundry sched for curtains, bedsheets and towels, I had no choice but to put my faith to Chanel. The nails on my left hand were able to withhold the torture (yey!), but the nails on the right didn't (yay!)

So I changed my mani before sleeping at around 4am. Yes, I'm a nocturnal girl LOL!

I'm already sleepy then so I need to use a polish that applies like a dream. Then I remembered MAC Blue India. When I quickly swatched it last week, I never had any problem, MAC Blue India it is! 

Blue India is from the London Liberty Collection of MAC released this year. On me, it looks like a blue gray creme, reminds me of an old denim I used to wear in college. .  As mentioned in my past entries, didn't initially plan to buy this since the color doesn't appeal to me that much. 

But now that I'm wearing it, the shade kinda grew on me. Not something that will WOW you the instant you saw it but it's nice on it's own right. Add to that the cute packaging. And the fact that this is my first MAC polish. 

How about you, what are you wearing on your nails now?

Polish and love,

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MindyTV said...

This would look good with bright pink, purple or deep blue french tips!!!

ThRiSzHa said...

awesome color...

louise said...

its a lovely shade :D...right now im still stuck with the affordable ones hehe and too much glitter :P

jenobebs said...

your hands doesnt look like you do laundry. hehe.

right now my nails are painted a purple shade by the face shop with dots using prettynails pen i bought from nikki :)

rhaindropz said...

lovely.. this would be great with silver or gold lace design (^_^)

coffretgorge said...

it looks nice on you sol :)


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