NOTD: Zoya Charla

Was planning to post this yesterday but something else got in the way. I'm too sleepy now to fully describe this shade, so I'll let the pictures do the talking. 

Of course, as always, this shade looks much much better in real life. From the swatches I saw online, I thought it was more blue than green. On my nails however, it's more green although the pics above tell you otherwise. Anyway, blue or green, i love it co'z it's really pretty!!!!

Remember my problem with Zoya? I just found the perfect solution! Well, technically I didn't, I just follow what everyone says whenever you use Zoya. And that is to use the Zoya's color lock system. I don't have the whole set, just the base (Anchor), top coat (Armor) and the quick dry drop (Qtica). I know I said that I don't dig quick dry drops as they're messy to deal with, but Qtica Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator is not that oily and the dropper helps you to control how much you put in your nails. From the instruction, it says 1 to 2 drops, in my case, one drop is enough. 

Been wearing Charla since Thursday night, and so far, no chipping! Not even tip wear! I'm sooo gonna save up for the complete set. Yey!

Lemming for some Zoya polishes? Organic Ritual Spa accepts pre-order of Zoya polishes till 7pm tonight. I know, this is again a last minute-notice but if you've joined Digital Traincase in Facebook, I posted an update about this pre-order yesterday (yey, I have an excuse for my tardiness in posting this haha). You can order the color-lock system from them too, at 2,600 per set. 

And to end this post, let me show you my latest Zoya loot, got them for 380/bottle from the previous preorder by Organic Ritual Spa. Btw, I highly recommend you order Charla! I want Mimi and Ivanka too, but I forgot to order Mimi (bummer right!?!) and I've yet to receive Ivanka c/o Belle. For this batch of pre-order, I'm getting Kelly and Shawn, from the Wicked and Wonderful Collection for Fall 2010 by Zoya. 

Happy weekend everyone!!!


ThRiSzHa said...

it look so great on u.. when I saw this post I remember I have some zoya polish that I havent try on..LOL!!

Elsa said...

i ordered zoya mattes from organic spa...still waiting for them to arrive! :)

Pamela Angela said...

i ordered shawn and kelly too! :D

bellebathandbeyond said...

sol, Mimi yung parating mo from me, hindi Ivanka ha. :)

So pretty on you! It's good that there's a cheaper source of Zoya locally. :)

lelila said...

thrishzha, gamitin mo na haha.

elsa, do an fotd ha and let me know pls!

pam, ayun pareho pa pala tayo ng inorder haha. addicts think alike ba? LOL

belle, naku nalito na ako, mimi pala haha. ok lang, type ko pa rin naman.

rhaindropz said...

zoya zoya zoya!!!! but i knew you only sell OPI orly and china glaze

Bea said...

aww. ang ganda ng color :) ang expensive nga lang. order ako sayo pag may sweldo na. sana may stock ka pa :) I want to try yung opi or yung matte polishes :)

ThRiSzHa said...

question.. is this Qtica is really fast drying? oil ba sya? I've been using sally hansen dries-instantly super fast mag dry in 60 secs. lang..


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