Recent MAC Loots!

Yey, got my 2 MSF from MAC today! While I was waiting at the cashier to pay for my loots, I told Carlos (my MA), that I won't be buying anything MAC for a while, because seriously, I'm buying way way way too much! 

Know what he said? "I don't believe you! For sure I'll receive another sms from you reserving several items in the next collection!" Hahaha! 

Anyway, I got the MAC e/s refills and Majorlica Majorca mascara from Smile of Updated Trends (the courier guy was waiting for me at the gate before we went to Shang). Smile usually accepts pre-order whenever she's going to HK (she travels a lot mind you!). She charges 10% of the value of your total orders, which is quite reasonable considering she has to go through several malls just to complete what's in your shopping list right? The shadow refills cost Php627 each (HK$95 plus 10%, exchange rate is fixed at 6).

Will post swatches this weekend! (Well, I'll try!) Happy weekend everyone!  


Crystal said...

inggit ako!!


Nice haul!!! =D Ako din inggit. Buti walang Hang Loose diyan. Hahaha :) - Trace

rhaindropz said...

mac mac mac!!! hays (^_^) quality makeups..


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