NOTD: Zoya Veruschka

Just to let you know, I'm still alive. 

Wearing a matte polish by Zoya, meet Veruschka!

Please don't ask me how to pronounce it though haha.

Got busy and then when I'm done being busy, my laptop conked out, I'm using my sister's laptop as I type this. Will be back soon!! 


Tessa said...


Nice blog you got there :) I love it!
I'm a new follower now!

Maybe you can check my blog out as well and become a follower?

greatings :)

Teeyah. said...

Sounds Russian to me, nice name! :) Hay naku ako din gusto ko ng nireremove ang ingrowns. But they didn't. :(

In fairness satisfied naman ako sa pag apply ng nail polish, but I'm not an expert on nails unlike you, I see you as a goddess of nails, heehee. :) Thanks for dropping by my blog, Sol :)

Teeyah. said...

Haha! Me naman I have no talent talaga sa application. Kaya basta walang lines at walang lagpas, ok ako. :) How I wish I had your talent! It'd be so much fun applying nail polish every day.


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