NARS Vintage Polish

Hey dearies! Glad to announce that the much awaited NARS Vintage polishes are now available at our local counter (err, sorry forgot to confirm if it's available too in Makati since it was Lara of NARS Shang who sent me an SMS). 

Mash - a metallic army green
Kingkong - a copper brown with specks of gold
Zulu - the famous dark forest green polish (finally you will be mine!)
Midnight express - blue counterpart of Zulu
Full Metal Jacket - a gunmetal grey

They're all named after a movie, how cool is that huh?! Anyway, in time for this launch, NARS Shangri-la will be having a makeup workshop tomorrow from 5 to 7pm. I suggest that you reserve your nail polishes today and just tell Lara that you will pick them up tomorrow as they will be giving away GWP's for those who will make a purchase after the workshop. 

I'm planning to attend the workshop (to support Lara and get my polishes + freebies hehe), anyone who's attending too? I might be going alone so if you recognize me, please say hello! Just look for a huge girl there ok? Haha. See you! 

My Faith21 shirt and Glee

Sorry for being MIA, just got busy with work, my online store and a whole lot of TV shows LOL. Don't worry, I only stopped blogging but I'm still buying polishes left and right (I wish LOL) so I owe you guys a lot of swatches.  

As I was saying, I'm keeping myself busy at night with watching TV shows while summarizing pre-orders, packing items, playing with Pampam, etc - and yes, I'm a multitasker! 

Glee season 2 premiere was aired a few days ago. I'm excited to watch it because I love Glee and of course, I want to see a fellow Filipino in this show, Charice Pempengco (she dropped her surname noh?). 

Charice' character here is named Sunshine Corazon to which Lea Salonga (Miss Saigon) commented/asked if it was named after former President Corazon Aquino whose favorite color is yellow, the color of the Sun. Hmm, maybe! Who knows right?!

I love the "Telephone" number with Rachel and Sunshine! Sue shouting "shut up" is hilariously funny although I wish they were able to finish the song. 

For Sunshine's audition to the Glee club, she sang "Listen". Would you believe I cried while watching it? Got so emotional while seeing Charice on the show, and no, I'm not her mother LOL! Just someone who's frustrated and wishing and hoping she could sing too! 

Halfway through the audition scene, I paused my player coz I noticed something on the screen. 

Check Mercedes' top and check my post here. I have the same one she's wearing! Haha. I'm even wearing it today, coz I want to show it to my officemates LOL! 

See how I can be so happy about trivial things like this?! It really doesn't take much to make me happy, just seeing one of my fave characters in Glee wearing the same top as I have, is enough. Now, if only I can have this shirt too. 

Can't find a pic showing the left side of her shirt, but I think you can see it here, it's kind of an off shoulder top. And can I say that I love their Empire State of Mind number too?

Looking forward to seeing Episode 2, which will feature Britney Spears' songs. Charice wouldn't be in that episode though but it's fine. 

For tonight, planning to finish three more episodes of Life Unexpected (OMG Baze! Love him with Cate!), Nikita, and 2 more episodes of Modern Family season 1. Oh, I have Hells Cat Episode 3 already too! Good thing it's already weekend, I have more time to catch up! 

On the other hand, can't wait for the following shows to return (next year?) -  White Collar (that season ender argh! I heart Mosey!), Pretty Little Liars (what will happen to Hanna?), Rizzoli and Isles (I'm not really liking their season ender but I'm already missing the shopaholic Maura Isles and pretty but tough Jane Rizzoli!). 

I've already seen Chuck's Season 4 premiere, I miss Orion (*sad*).  And I've yet to warm up with the actress playing Chuck's mother. And where's Mr. Awesome?!

Anyway, that's it for now. Hope to swatch some polishes soon! Happy weekend everyone! Let me know what shows you're liking so far okay? 

Urban Decay Book of Shadows III is out...

Sold Out actually. In 10 to 15 minutes. Whoa, too many addicts or a marketing strategy which I can see will fail eventually, tsk! Check the discussions at How Limited Edition is Too Limited

*pics grabbed from

NOTD: Orly Royal Navy

While some girls are looking for that perfect little black dress and some for a perfect red lipstick, I'm forever looking for my perfect blue polish. Last week, (I think) my search has finally come to an end.

Meet my favorite (blue) polish (as of July 2010 haha).

Orly Royal Navy.

So pretty.

So dark and yet so bright. 

Eye catching. 

My kind of thing. 

I didn't mean to rhyme everything. 

It's just that this polish is so mesmerizing. 


See the tiny glitters:

And some more pics!

With Gosh Rainbow on Top, nice!!!!!!!!!!

I can wear this every single day.

I'm even wearing it on my toes! But, no feet exposure okay? I'll ruin everything if I post even a single photo of my ginger-like boat-size feet haha! 

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by the Chanel bug! 

It all started with this bottle:
The Chanel Nouvelle Vague! I told myself, this will be my first and only Chanel. I don't wanna pass up on this shade even if too many blogs and youtube reviews say that I don't need this if I already have China Glaze For Audrey (which I have), they're the same, minus the subtle shimmer. Hard headed that I am, I still bought it. Just because I don't want it to be another Chanel Jade, a polish I wanted so much but can't have unless I'm willing to pay for P15k a bottle, thanks to the scalper in ebay! 

Weeks after, another nail lacquer was released! Again, I can't say no. So I got this:
Which reminds me, I don't have a post about this on my blog. Bottle color and how is it on the nail, totally different. I actually like the nail version more. In the bottle, it looks like a metallic dark purple. On my nails, it's this smokey gray color with a hint of purple shimmer (which is too hard to capture on cam!). 

When I'm about to pickup my Paradoxal at the Chanel counter at Shangri-la, I made the mistake of checking out their blushes. When I swatched Pink Explosion, I immediately got worried about my wallet! LOL! I know  I need that blush in my life. It's already out of stock on the local counters, I had to ask Smile to get it for me in HK, thanks to her, I'm now a proud owner of a single Chanel blush haha. 

And of course, it didn't stop there. When I saw an ad from a local board for Chanel Egerie, I got it too. I'm not really a lipstick person, so spending P1,650 for a single tube of lipstick is too much for me. Good thing I got this for P700 including shipping. I love internet shopping! 


Here's a simple FOTD :
Neutrogena Skin Enhancer in Medium to Tan
combined with NARS Sheer Glow in Sta Fe
Laura Mercier Loose Powder
UDPP in Sin
Urban Decay Naked Palette (used Half Baked, Smog, 
Dark Horse and Virgin)
Chanel Pink Explosion
Chanel Egerie

Yes, I need to brush my hair often LOL! And please ignore the eyebag, i normally sleep around 3am and I'm usually up by past 7am! Every single day except for weekends.

And back to Chanel, major major lemming for these polishes:

Oh shoot! Is there a cure for this? An antidote? Please let me know, I need it ASAP!

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NOTD: E.L.F polishes!

Thought I'd share some swatches of E.L.F. At first, I was hesitant to try them due to mixed reviews I've been reading. But for the price, I know I won't be guilty if I throw them if they' re really that bad! Haha!

What E.L.F. has to say about their polishes. 

This color-lock formula with chip resistant shield gives long lasting nail color with high shine. The aerodynamic bristle design glides color on flawlessly, while the quick dry formula gives perfect application every time. Key nutrients give nails that natural shine, infused with Vitamin E for stronger, healthier nails.

Our formula is FREE of: Toluene, Formaldehyde, and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP).

Net Wt: .35oz (10ml)

Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Acetyl Tributyl Citrate, Nitrocellulose, Anhydride/Trimellitic Anhydride/Glycols Copolymer, Tocopheryl Acetate, Stearalkonium Bentonite, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891) Iron Oxides(CI 77491 , CI 77492 , CI 77499), Red No.6 Lake (CI 15850), Red No.27 Lake (CI 45410), Blue No.1 Lake (CI 42090)

I'm surprised to know that ELF's polishes are big-3 free! For the price, I don't expect them to be. The brushes though are not perfect (I want them flat not rounded) but their workable. I like that they don't have that strong polish scent. I like the bottle too. Unfortunately, while in transit the boxes got deformed and the colors in the bottle got a bit separated (argh can't find the right word to describe LOL). Rolling them in my palm solved it though. 

On to the swatches:

Dark Navy
Mod Mauve
Smokey Brown
Mango Madness
Bubble Gum Pink
I love everything I got! My favorite though is Mango Madness, an orangey pink one, and this comes from someone who's not into pink polishes! I originally ordered Passion Pink, but they gave me Mango Madness instead. Oh well, glad they made a mistake! 

Another thing I noted, package inconsistencies: Same shade, different print! LOL!

I'm loving Chocolate too, rich brown shade! Dark Navy on the other hand reminds me of Sally Hansen's Blazing Blue. Smokey Brown and Mod Mauve are perfect if I want a work appropriate polish although I believe my officemates are already used to my out of this world choice of nail colors! LOL! I  want to try Mint Cream, Lilac and Desert Haze next! 

Any recommendations? Do you like any of the shades I posted? What's your favorite? Lemme know ok?!

PS. I'm not sure if these are already locally available, if you can't find it in stores, you can check these babies at my multiply store =)

I''ve never been this excited about a package!!!!

Paid for this baby last Saturday. 

No shipping on Sunday. 

It was a holiday last Monday. Again, no shipping. 

Argh, I'm not good in this waiting game! 

The seller shipped it early Tuesday morning and I was told to expect it yesterday. 

At around 5pm, still no delivery. I informed the seller, she got worried. 
She was assured by the courier that it will be delivered yesterday.
30minutes later, I was informed the courier guy was already in the building!

Wanna take a guess what's inside the package? 

carefully packed! Thanks Em! 

Yes, it's the Urban Decay Naked Palette!!! 

Velvet case/cover.

Neutral heaven! 

Unfortunately, I woke up late today and didn't have time to do my makeup. LOL! 

PS. UD Naked palette is currently out of stock online (, ulta,com and Your best bet is ask someone from the US to buy it for you. Although, if you're not in a rush, I believe UD will have them again soon. It's a permanent product anyway. 

The seller decided to sell this since her aunt is coming home from the US with another Naked palette for her. So glad she offered this to me first LOL! 
Thanks Em! 


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