I'm Sol and I'm a nail polish addict!

As promised, I will be posting some polishes I got while I'm MIA in my own blog!

Through Smile of updated trends, I was able to get my hands on these MAC polishes:

Jade Dragon, Imperial Flower, Ming Blue

These polishes are from MAC Fall 2010's collection, I believe this collection didn't reach our local counter. Too bad coz they're all nice! Partial with Ming Blue, of course, because it's blue. But what made it special for me is it's name, because my mom's nickname is Ming, so there! I've yet to worn Jade Dragon and Imperial Flower, though. Will post swatches as soon as I can (which means, after 10 years!)

Through the awesome Pam, Smile, Pao and I were able to get our hands on some RBL bottles! Thanks Pam! Talk about supporting fellow addicts!

Here's what I got for myself::

No More War, 360, Diddy Mow and Stormy
I saw Pao's loot and I want to kick myself in the butt for not getting Concrete! Anyone up for swap? Concrete to my Stormy? hehe.

NARS released their vintage polishes already, including the most sought after Zulu. Of course I got one for myself. Bought Mash and Midnight Express too!

Mash, Zulu, Zulu, Midnight Express
That's not a typo error! I bought 2 Zulu, one's for backup. If you want Zulu, just tell me, I'm willing to sell my backup haha. 

Got bitten by the Chanel bug once again! 

Rose Insolente, Particuliere, Rouge Fatal, Vendetta
Love Vendetta as well as Rose Insolente on me. Got Particuliere so I can personally compare if Milani Teddy Bare is really a good dupe. A little bit dissapointed with Rouge Fatal since it looks more brown on me than red. 

From a special kind of swap, missing another shade:

Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure
Sally Hansen Cement
Sinful Colors in Mint Apple
Essence Pool Party
Yes! I have the-very-hard-to-find Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. Thanks Thrisha! See those flakes!!!!

From one of my visits to Beauty Bar:

First time to buy Dashing Diva. While my officemates/friends are busy checking out BB's selection of powder and blushes, I'm on the other side checking out their polishes.

From Sheila my loves haha. Her pasalubong from Dubai! Claire's matte polishes!

My first Illamasqua bottle, Grab. And definitely not my last! I want Milf! Got this from GT
Illamasqua  Rampage (thanks Mel for pointing out!)
From another swap: 
Orly Bon Bon and Lippmann Funky Chunky
Again, another good find from GT!

Barielle U Concrete Me and Make it a Latte
Got this from a blog sale, a bit pricier than the regular price, but it's ok, after all, it's LE! Glad to have this on my stash!

Local finds:

Chanel dupes, Milani Teddy Bare for Chanel Particuliere, and Milani Dress Maker for Chanel Jade:

Milani Teddy Bare, Milani Dress Maker
Some Orly:
Green with envy, mint mojito, viridian vinyl
Orly Bailamos

Orly's Holiday Collection (yes I already have them!)

Complete set of Orly Cosmic FX Collection
Too bad this collection will not be available locally =(

Sprint Asia Beauty is Orly's local distributor. I remember talking to one of their staff before, around 2 months ago and asked if they'll be having this collection. Was told they didn't get it, so I said, they should, coz it will be a big hit. Too bad noh! Polishes from this collection retail for $10. 

And this is something new! Smile gave me 2 Incoco, which I've yet to figure out how to use! LOL!

My first BB Couture nail polish and BK (got it as freebie)! Plus Misa's the grass is greener on the other side. Missing one polish here, Misa Ben Hur. From Tine of GT:

Received some nail art and french tip guide from Thrisha.

Pao gave me some mini polishes she got from HK Sasa but wasn't able to take pics. I'm waiting for my first few bottles of Model's Own polishes by next week. Tomorrow, hopefully I can get the 3 nail polishes from MAC & Disney's Venomous Villain collection. I have some polishes in transit, including Nubar 2010, Nubar Diamont Top Coat, Nubar Base Coat, and the whole OPI Burlesque collection! No wonder I have no savings LOL!

Next, swatches of Orly Cosmic FX, hopefully tomorrow!


Minolah said...

Hi! May I buy that back up Zulu? please T_T

MindyTV said...

OMG. Madami nga yung sinabi mong madami ka pang hindi na-swatch!!! Hahahah!!

Mara said...

I'm so jealous of the Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure! And yay for my exposure :))

melvel said...

Sol! I only have to look at your collection and I know I'm not the only crazy one. LOL

Might get Bad Fairy na rin if I manage to be there in time. If not, ok lang. They're not taking reservations, right?

You didn't buy anything from Belle's blog sale? Also, isn't that Illamasqua Rampage?

jlovesBal said...

Great collection!! Love the Chanel polishes.

About Incoco, once you open the packaging, try to use them up asap, they tend to dry up after a while and become useless.

shoutingwind said...

My loves!! HAHAHA. Parang ang chaka ng pasalubong ko compared sa haul mo! HAHAHHA

Greenpease said...

Orly bon bon looks nice! Is that a very light gray color? hmmm... now I'm dreaming!!!! ha ha ha!

and for that you know what I mean. ha ha ha!

Askmewhats said...

ADDICT! hahahha Love all the shades you got, quite unique !

ThRiSzHa said...

oh yeh ur a cettified nail junkie!!!

coffretgorge said...

HIDDEN TREASURE!!! iwannasee sol! :D you're the baddest of the bad! hahaha

angelamhiere said...

Gosh, Ms. Sol! Saw your interview with Jessica Soho!!!

How will you ever finish all of those polishes? =D

Penge naman!!! hahaha!!!


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