My First Bazaar!

Sorry for the lack of post/updates. Just really busy with work and some stuff.

Like this:

Yes, this is my first bazaar ever! I've been selling to Multiply for about a year now (which reminds me I should celebrate with another giveaway huh!) but I'm always chickening (is there such a word? haha) out! Afraid of the booth rental cost, not enough stocks and what nots! 

Yesterday, I was chatting with some of my online friends then out of nowhere, I said, I want to join a bazaar! Haha! Crazy right?! I don't even have any bazaar materials! Oh well, there's always a first time! 

Bazaar details here and here. Will be needing all the luck and support, hope you can drop by at our stall! I will be with Jean and Rosz (for trendy accessories), plus Beauty and Minerals (mineral makeups, etc) will be on the same bazaar too! Meanwhile, Amber Lights Laguna (soya scented candles which I love, do get Country Meadows and Baby Powder scents) will be at the Zonta Bazaar on Sunday! 

Any seasoned bazaarista(s) reading this? Need tips, like what to bring, what else do I need, etc! Told you, I'm a newbie at this! Haha! Wish me luck! 

Hoping to see you there! 


dianneregina said...

good luck on your first bazaar! we've been doing it almost every month (with christmas season as the busiest time) since last year, and it has always been fun.. so, have fun! :)

lelila said...

hi dianne, thanks. will do! any tips for me?

Mara said...

Woot! So excited! Kasama din pala Amber Lights! Been wanting to buy there. Akala ko sa Rockwell ko pa iintayin.

herroyalbleakness said...

have a great time with this new venture, Sol!

rins said...

Good luck! :) I hope I can drop by!

Shopcoholic said...

congrats Sol!

louise said...

been to a couple of bazaars about having a calling card or even a simple printed piece of paper (to get your name/store out there) :)

so if they don't buy atm..they can always find you online. :)

congratulations sis...more power

Rachaelah said...

Hi sol!
Nice meeting you. :)
I love my nyx hot pink cream blush.
Hope to see you again soon on your next bazaar!
More power to digital traincase! :)

dianneregina said...

i agree with louise, personalized calling cards :)

lelila said...

hi girls, thanks to all!

louise and dianneregina, i have a calling card na before the bazaar pa so it wasn't a problem. I distributed some fliers din for all those inside the bazaar to make sure those interested with my products will drop by at my booth =)

wehaveit43 said...

good luck sis! (",)


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