Swatches: Essie Resort Collection

Bad Fairy still looks good as new so I didn't change my manicure last night. For today, I'll just post these summer-y colors, very apt in our country as per Rachel Berry's dialogue "where it's sunny everyday!" (well, except for the monsoons says Sunshine Corazon). Arghh, sorry, I've yet to watch the recent Glee episode! 

"The Resort Collection was created to mimic the sights and sounds of the world's most exotic destinations. The four colors are must have accessories for any tropical vacation and the only escape for your hands and feet that doesn't require a passport!" 

Hmm, Essie forgot to mention, ticket cost! =)

Anyway, I don't have much Essie polishes coz I used to find their color selection a bit boring (soft pinks, nudes, etc!). Until this collection. When I saw the swatches online, I know it's a must have! 

Won't be describing the colors much, just check out the swatches okay? 

Can you guess which is my favorite? Errr, I have two. Can't decide which one I love more. I'm allowed to pick 2 favorites right? Most probably, you already know which are my favorites =) What's yours?



shoutingwind said...

lapiz of something and turq and caicosomething.

tama diba?

Varnish Vixen said...

I love this collection. These were some of the very first polishes I bought!!! I thought I'd really like Playa del Platinum, but ended up disliking in on the finger. The others are amazing, though!!!

Varnish Vixen said...

I love this collection. They were some of the very fist polishes I bought...and some of the best colors I've seen from Essie in a long time. Playa del Platinum was the only one I didn't like...just didn't work with my skin tone. Ah well.

cleansetonemoisturize said...

wow sis. nice swatches plus i love the pictures and the background. i watched you at Jessica Soho's show, i love your collection. ^_^

coffretgorge said...

bad fairy sol, swatches lang yan ah? galing! NOTW material na yan for me eh! hahaha :P very nice colors i forgot the names already but i like the blue and the pink-ish one. harhar im so bad with colors. :P

rins said...

I've only used Playa de Platinum from that collection I bought from you! Shocks! :P


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