What I really wanted to say....

If you’re my contact in Facebook, Twitter and Multiply, most likely, you already know that in the next few minutes, I will be on TV, featured as a nail polish junkie at Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to convey the real feelings of a nail polish addict. As soon as the camera starts rolling, my brain stopped functioning. I gave vague and shallow answers to simple questions thrown at me. =(

If I can redo the interview, I would have answered differently.

Some of the questions were:

How addicted are you into nail polish:

I answered: Very much. Period. Hahahaha! What a camera can do to you! No wonder Venus Raj became famous with her major major answer! Oh I also said something about not buying cellphones

What I really wanted to say:

I care about nail polish much more than an average person does. I spend more time thinking about what shade to wear next than thinking what’s my next meal is! I admit I have more nail polishes than an average person has. I’d rather stay at home than go out.and read nail polish blogs, post in discussion boards about nail polish, and swatch some polishes from my collection. When a friend is abroad, and asks me what I want to get, I always answer nail polish! I don’t mind having duplicate colors in my stash. If someone asks what’s my hobby, it’s nail polish collecting!

Why nail polish:

I answered: It’s affordable! Toinks haha. Although it’s true, it’s much much affordable than bags, jewelry, gadgets, computers. With Php1,350, I already have a Chanel. If I’m into bags, I can never afford a single Chanel bag!

What I really wanted to say:

I love the colors. Love that it’s a quick per me up. I love that it’s not discriminating, you don’t have to be size 0 or 2, you can wear 3X, be short or too tall. Given the right nail polish shade, you can feel sexy! If you want to grab attention, wear fire red polish. If you want to look professional, wear French manicure or taupe. If you want to feel young, wear summery colors. The possibility is endless!

What is nail polish to you?

I answered: It’s a necessity. What the eff! Haha! I know, fellow nail polish addicts will agree with this statement, but some will find it ridiculous.

What I really wanted to say:

Every single nail polish bottle in my collection inspires me to strive harder to realize at least one of my 3 big dreams – to have my own nail spa, be an authorized nail polish distributor of brands not available here yet, so I can make it accessible to everyone and last, to have my own line of nail polish. Big dreams right? But I know, one day, at least one, if not all, will come true.

Forgot the other questions already. LOL! 

Anyway, I guess it's ok. It's not everyday that I get to be on TV. Haha! 

Some pics:

I have two hands, the left and the right haha.


Found a link of the episode here!


Mara said...

Congrats on your feature! Really wanted to see how it all went. Glad you blogged about it! Where were you in the third pic? o.o Looked like heaven :p

Minolah said...

Hi, I'm just a random person who visits your shop and checks out your nail polishes. And I'm so happy to see you being interviewed at Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho! I was like, "OMG I KNOW THAT SHOP, DIGITALTRAINCASE!" hahaha.

Kitten said...

Hi Sol! I saw your episode while on my way to work on a bus, buti na lang , hehehe. It was a very short clip but it was okay naman eh ;)

Pammy said...

Sollie, happy for your feature in Jessica show. :P Gotta find a clip of that interview. :)

ThRiSzHa said...

waaaaaaaaaaa... i was so late when i open the tv and watch the show.. anyways, congrats on ur fearture sis.. stay pretty and fab..

CHARRY said...

I just saw you on TV! The interview was ok naman, there's nothing to worry. Pwede ka nang magtayo ng sarili mong nail spa with those nail polishes. ;)

Hybrid Cha said...

Yeah saw you sa Jessica kagabi grabe was sharing your kwento to everyone sa house! Validating to mom, dad and sis how addicted you are to nail polishes hehehe

Greenpease said...

No worries sis because you really did well.


Teeyah. said...

WOW, congrats Sol! And don't worry about your answers, still spoke of your love for nail polishes! I haven't seen it, sayang. But if it's on YT, post it ha?

Congrats again! :)

Askmewhats said...

Girl! Don't worry, it is understandable how crazily paranoid anyone could get in front of the camera! I love your ansers, on cam or off cam! You look great on tv ha? Congratulations!

angelamhiere said...

Saw it! Inabangan ko po talaga yun!!! hahaha!!! Really looked forward to see you on TV!!!

The whole episode was great!!! ^__^

Congrats, Ms. Sol!!! =)


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