MAC Tartan Tale Collection is here!

Just in case you don't know yet coz I feel like I'm the last one to blog about it! 


Went there during my lunch break, wasn't able to play with the testers =(

The bags/pouches are cute!

Can you guess what I got for myself? 

Errr, I'm too predictable noh! 

The shades on the nail lacquer set are not that unique though. If you're not into nail polish, I'm quite sure you'll pass up on this. 

What I didn't get: The 2 full size nail polishes. 

I passed up on Sly as a Fox since it looks like my Chanel Rouge Fatal. 

Style Clan, on the other hand, is not the type of shade I would normally go for. Although seeing it on my nail now as I type this, I think I want it. Waaaaaah!

Let me know what you got from this collection, ok?


coffretgorge said...

i got the my highland honey blusher from my sister! yay!!! i want to check out the lippies sol! maybe later! :D

coffretgorge said...

aw~ SOL!!!! they don't have the tartan tale collectioon at rockwell yet! huhuhu! i was so excited to get a lippie! T_T

Askmewhats said...

hahahhaha so cute! love the print and yup! you are predictable! I knew that's what you're gonna get :) Enjoy!


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