One order of grande "Barielle Make it a Latte" please!

Cute name right?! I promised to post the swatches last week but I got busy (again). Better late than never.

Love the formula, love the shade, love everything about this polish! Hope you'll be wowed (too), by how rich this shade is. So far, my favorite Barielle nail polish. This, coming from someone who's not into browns. *wink*

Let the pictures do the talking. Raw pictures, no editing done except for resizing. Yes, too much light. Was in the balcony when the pictures are taken! 

Well? What can you say?! Uhmm, please don't comment on how thick my cuticles are (I forgot to push them back!) nor how dirty the bottle is, it's been in my Helmer for a while!

Uhmmm, can I make it a Venti now?!


Camille said...

i love it! this one's gonna be in my list! =)

ThRiSzHa said...

lopve this color on u.. and u know what this kind of shade are really great on u..

switch said...

Sol, I love this on you! Dahil sayo lemming ko na to haha. The microshimmer makes it unique.

The Shades Of U said...

Sol, I have this too, but I have not worn it yet, I think! It looks great on you so I will wear it soon! haha

Marcy said...

That color is amazing!!


Burnt Raisin said...

I love, love, love your posts. =)


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