just another NOTD post!

Wasn't able to post two more of last week NOTD's

Got these 2 OPI polishes from Rustan's Shang, packaged like this

I gave the free bracelet (bangle?) to my sister.

Ok, the first one is Shim-mery Chic. Bronze colored polish with gold flake glitter and green and small gold glitter, kinda like the Merry Midnight (formula wise). As much as I wan't to love this polish, I can't! Doesn't do much with my skintone (I think) although my officemates believe otherwise.

The next one is Ginger Bells. This one is surprisingly nice, a unique color in my collection (of course! it's not purple hehe). It looks boring on the bottle, but when I used it, it was love at first brush stroke! The pic below is already a day and a half old manicure, no longer shiny (so don't buy Orly in a Snap topcoat ok?!).

GUESS and COACH handbag giveaway by the beauty-bow

stumbled upon the beauty-bow's blog while I was looking for a possible new blog lay out =)

I saw a coach wristlet on her pics and I know I need to join her contest. Can't buy one for myself since the price is pretty prohibitive!

So I wish I won this one!

See details/mechanics here!

finally hit the 100 mark!

was surprised to see having 100 followers just now. for a while, it got stucked at 98 haha. This is pretty amazing for me coz I know I talk nonsense most of the time and yet you are all still here with me putting up with all my crap haha! So a big Thank You to everyone who is following me and to everyone who leaves comments on my posts. You just don't know how important those comments are to me!

a thank-you-contest to follow, stay tuned!

My exciting loot + online shopping woes!

For the first time in months, today, I arrived at the office earlier than my usual time-in (which is most of the time, LATE haha).

Right after turning on my pc, I took my cp out of the bag and SMS the xend delivery guy assigned in our area (we're closed haha).

"Kuya, may package ako today?" (Do I have a package today?)

"Yes mam, papunta na po ako dyan" (Yes mam, I'm on my way)


I immediately send a text to Jheng to confirm that our package will be delivered today. We work in the same company, but I was not on my station when I informed her. That's how excited I was to tell her. I can't wait to just chat her and tell her. When she got my text, she replied "weeeeeeeeeeh!"

Yep, just like a child excited for new toys.

What am I blabbing about?

See for yourself!

Figured what's inside already? haha

Jheng and I decided to share on the shipping cost since we were officemates. This one is quite expensive so we need to economize on other stuff right? Even if it's just a 50peso worth of shipping fee!

I picked one and opened it!

So pretty!!! the other one on the background is Jheng's, so I didn't open it.

After lunch, I finally had time to go down and gave Jheng her book of shadows!

Oh boy, we were surprised when she opened the lid of the palette!!!



We were so sad when we saw it. I immediately called the ebay seller, but she's not picking up. Gave the number to Jheng (it was me all along who was communicating to the seller, from asking about her gcash and bank account details, combined shipping, etc). She dialled, and still no one's answering. So we thought, maybe she's asleep. I asked Jheng to just update me via sametime (chat messaging system here in our office) since I need to go back to my station.

After a while, Jheng informed me that the seller called her already and said "wala kaming magagawa (depressing answer noh?), tawagan na lang namin courier to complain, kase binilin naman namin na wag ibabagsak yung mga package".

What?!? Just like that? So I called the seller, and talked to her. She said the same thing, I was trying to be calm since I don't want to alienate her! I agreed to just wait for Xend's reply. Although I told her, I don't think Xend will reimburse because the package is not insured. And then, guess what, the seller said, the buyer has the option to insure it!? What?! And why didn't you ask me? Diba? Why tell me that just now?

This is her ad in ebay (seller has 300+ feedback, 100% positive, so who would have thought this thing will happen!):

See anything about the buyer's option to insure the item? nada!

Remember, she said they instructed the courier man to take care of the package, that it should not be dropped or something?

Here's Xend's plastic pouch when I got it.

No remarks except for the tracking number!

Shouldn't it be marked FRAGILE? At least, right?

No remarks whatsoever even in the "remarks" part of Xend's waybill!

And mind you, our package is worth Php6,500 combined (excluding shipping). Shouldn't we at least deserve a thicker bubble wrap? One meter of bubble wrap is just Php24.75 at National bookstore!!!

May I add too, that most of the bubbles were already popped out? Recycled? One layer na nga lang ng bubblewrap, recycled pa? past time ko pa naman magputok ng bubblewrap, ito, wala na ako puputukin!

I brought this up to her attention during our phone convo, that the package has no FRAGILE marked on it. But it's because daw the courier doesn't have a pouch with him when he picked up. I know this happen talaga, so ok. But why does the package itself doesn't have any mark too?

And then she repeated on the phone that the other packages they sent the same day were received by the buyers in good condition, even the one they sent in Baguio! I'm pretty sure they didn't use Xend for that since they started shipping yesterday lang and Xend delivers packages outside Manila within 2 to 3 days! so, they're not really comparable and isa pa, Paki ko diba? I'm concerned with our package!

Php6,500 worth of package and you didn't even insure it for Php500 pesos? Limang piso lang sisingilin ng Xend dun! Isa pa, madali kaming kausap, she could've asked us to deposit yung kulang kung gusto naming iinsure. Di ko na actually naisip about it kase excited talaga ako sa package. Tapos ganito? Argh!

Late afternoon, she informed us that she already emailed Xend about this. So, what will happen if Xend won't pay for the package, which is most likely to happen? Ganun na lang yun? You paid 3.2k for a package like that? Jheng has UD Book of Shadows volume 1, I have the volume 2, from time to time, we exchange or borrow stuff from one another (my volume 2 is still with her), kung tutuusin, we don't need this. But we're both sucker for cute packaging so we gave in! E anong cute sa packaging kung basag!!!

Jheng and I both grew up in the province so since childhood, we were surrounded by thousand superstitious belief, and a broken mirror has a bad connotation. It maybe sound stupid to some, but a BROKEN mirror is a broken mirror!

Anyway, Jheng got a text from the seller 2 hours ago (around 7:30pm)

"Kc on our end, ok naman ung item,double chec before packing it, and binilin tlaga namin sa messenger. Ung ibang clients, they received the palettes naman, and so far, walang damage"

Again, we don't give a damn to those other clients! On our end, we paid on time. We asked if she combines shipping, she said yes. Take note, we asked, we did not insist! In her ad, it was stated she accepts gcash, but when I asked her last Saturday night (Monday is the due date) if I could pay Jheng's palette thru gcash, she said her gcash is not working. So we paid thru bank deposit, Monday lunchtime. We are good buyers right?

One more thing, we are makeup addicts, not Pyschopaths who will intentionally break this lovely palettes. We waited for almost two weeks for this (counting from the time that we clicked the buy it now button).

Today was supposed to be a happy day for us, tsk tsk...

Sorry this is a longgggg post! Just want to get this out of my chest.

Would appreciate your comments girls! What should we do tomorrow if Xend confirms they will not pay for the package? The seller/s kind of hinted she/they won't refund or replace the palette. =(


I was told she's a Girltalker, tsk tsk! I still don't know her GT nick since the one who sms me is already sleeping.

Jheng's on leave tomorrow because of her sister's prom (in the province), she was planning to use this palette for that ocassion pa naman! She won't be back until Monday.

===another update===

Jheng sms me that the seller MIGHT meet up with her DAW to replace the palette. i hope matuloy since the seller still sound unsure if she's willing to replace it.


the seller replaced the palette na, thank goodness! namili pa daw sila jheng and her mommy =)

NOTD: Merry Midnight!

Merry Midnight is from OPI' 2009 Holiday Collection, I got it from a fellow Girltalker.

Described as a deep purple jelly with large sheets of shimmer nail polish. When they say "jelly", I always think of ala-China -Glaze-Ruby-Pumps kind of finish. This one's not BUT I still like it except for the fact that I need 3 coats for this.

Cute those little red flakes noh!?!

Do I need to point out it's purple? hahaha!

I stopped buying makeup!

and gone nuts buying polishes!!!

Collective nail polish haul (and some nail related stuff) last month, mostly from fellow forumers at GT, ebay.com, Rustan's Shang and Watson's Megamall!

I also joined a nail polish pre order c/o Belle and paid in full for the following shades (click on the names to see the swatches):

OPI Absolutely Alice
OPI Mad as a Hatter
China Glaze Ruby Pumps
China Glaze Flyin' High
China Glaze Four Leaf Clover
Seche Vite Top Coat

These babies are expected to arrive two weeks from now.

Then the other night, I got an email from Belle and I was told that she can get some more polishes from the recent collex so I ordered these:

OPI Jade is the New Black
OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui
Zoya Adina

Argh! I shouldn't have found out that blue, green and teal polishes look ok on me! Now I'm no longer restricted to black and purple shades!!!


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